Flipstar is looking into flipping coins

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Over the last year there were many Disney coins coming out from the New Zealand mint.

I only jumped on the Lion King one as they were almost as cheap as your standard BU coins and so it is a free gamble in my eyes as they have a limited mintage.


I started selling some in 2020 and were able to ask for quite a premium so the gamble paid off.

As silver ran up I took a short break and discovered different markets but had took a peak from time to time what the silver coins were doing.

Now the itch is back and I will have a look more regular to stack up for the coming years and hopefully flip some coins again.

Unfortunately the premium on Donald and Daisy is way higher and with that the risk...

The mintage is 15k which is not tooo much but also not nothing...so I guess I will take a pass on this one if I can find it cheaper though I will be getting some as the coin looks nice but I think there will be better opportunity so keeping cash is not too bad.

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Thanks for showing the cool Niue Donald and Daisy Duck Coin @flipstar.sports. It will make a great Valentine in February.

Interesting Theme to collect/stack but I'm not particularly fond of Disney products to begin with. Besides, Disney doesn't think The Bloody Raven is Princess material.😉


I have some nostalgic for the lion king and I thought it can make a decent flip the rest of the disney coins....not sure

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I like that idea, worst case you get stuck with a bunch of silver worth spot. I would like to hear more about that journey and Mabie copy you.
I think I will look through my stack and see what some are selling for.

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worked well so far on some really good looking I am fine to pay more and jsut add them to the collection but this one....is not one I really need.

I will try to post more regular again and will share my picks if I find some.

Are those yours?

Try to post some more on them. I understand that this is a pass. Where do you look for them? What countries?

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