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RE: 3Speak: An Incredible Sink For Hive

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I haven't been so excited about Steem Hive in a long time. Regarding how much and how quickly Hive might be locked away in the SIP forever, I don't actually care about a lot. Great for Hive and I can see how an Orca like yourself is highlighting this aspect of the new 3Speak system. But we are talking a true revolution in video and image content delivery, truly decentralized and fully incentivized. Even if this takes years to develop, it will change the market like nothing before it. LBRY, Minds, BitChute, DTube - all these solutions a) cannot offer anything like this and b) are not threatened at all but even strengthened because the idea is for them to tap into the system and deliver their own content via the 3Speak ecosystem to their own users AND profit from it.

If this is even half as good as it sounds, it will finally allow IPFS to flourish, provide true free speech beyond just text and hence connect the alternative media like a fungus mycelium.

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