How to Improve the SEO of Your LeoFinance Content with One Simple Trick — And for Every Other Tribe Too

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Recently @revisesociology wrote a post about the most popular cryptocurrencies to buy. Or at least which cryptocurrencies the top results in Google recommend.

Obviously, the results were mostly expected as the search query he used was rather generic and definitely general. But in his post he also briefly touched upon the SEO strength of the search results Google had returned him.

The above articles are liquid examples of how to write for SEO (clearly done by professionals on SEO, rather than professionals on the topics being written about) so you could do a lot worse than analyse them and tweak your posts accordingly if you want to rank for any particular topic!

In a brief list of tips, one tip particularly stood out to me:

keep your slug simple

While it is widely published that Google considers around 300 different metrics when ranking content, everything starts with a great title and a solid post link. They’re the A and O of SEO. A post with a gibberish, narrative title will barely ever rank unless published on an already highly ranking site.

Peakd’s permalink editor

Sadly enough, on LeoFinance, we don’t yet have the option to edit the permalink for a post and thus improve the most important elements of an article. Not directly, at least.

While other interfaces like Peakd have gone ahead and implemented the option to change your own post slug (post link) for each post, on LeoFinance - and most other tribes operating on Hive Engine - we need to use a workaround.

Some weeks ago I asked in Discord whether the introduction of a permalink editor was planned for the future. But as we all know, the LeoFinance team is usually rather busy. This is probably also a niche feature which only the most skilled authors will use.

Me being both nice and curious in Discord

But it would be a valuable feature nevertheless, even if only 2-5% of the daily LeoFinance creators use the feature. A great review of a new cryptocurrency, with solid permalink, could skyrocket the search results when the reviewed token and platform become popular and lead to multiple thousands of article views in few weeks only.

Luckily, there’s a simple workaround.

Improve Your LeoFinance Content’s SEO Workaround

Note that this is a workaround, but if you care about LeoFinance, and want your content to be seen by as many people as possible, it is worth doing it. It’s a very simple tweak and only takes few seconds.

If you pay attention to screenshots, you already read how to do it. :)

In few seconds only you can increase the SEO value of all your newly published Leo content — and on any other tribe with its own frontend — exponentially with this simple tweak.


  1. Publish your post with the keywords title: this is the permalink you want
  2. Edit your post title to the post title you want to lead your article with


Because LeoFinance doesn’t have specific tools for SEO, like (self-hosted) blogging platforms like WordPress do thanks to plugins, there is no option to set different titles (and descriptions) for different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and search engines. Thus we need to make a choice between the most optimized post title and the post title we want readers to see.

Luckily, for this example I’m using this post and this post will most likely not rank due to low searches for it. Thus I can go with a title optimized for readers.

The title for this post is: How to Improve the SEO of Your LeoFinance Content with One Simple Trick — And for Every Other Tribe Too.

I’m publishing this post with the keywords only title first though(1).

Once published, all left to do is edit the post to change the title to the title I want.

Because I wrote this post in the future I can provide you with the screenshot of the URL for this post. Alternatively, you can just compare the post’s title to its URL and check the difference with your own eyes. ;)

For this post it doesn’t matter much because it’s unlikely someone will search for “LeoFinance SEO Improvements”, but when entering competitive niches such as reviews, economy and finance tips, and maybe roundups and so-called listicles that simple tweak will make a huge difference in where your LeoFinance post shows up in the search rankings. Even more so, because LeoFinance is still growing and is nowhere near to its estimated future SEO domain strength.

How to Craft a Good Post Link?

A good post link is very simple to create. It’s as simple as it can possible get: just keywords.

No articles, no fluff, no short terms, nothing people would not look for when searching for the content you wrote.

Just the keywords. Nothing more.

  • leofinance-review
  • wleo-ethereum-defi-token-review
  • koinos-mining-how-to
  • superman-man-of-tomorrow-review-2020
  • ether-vol-1-death-of-the-last-golden-blaze-comic-review

Luckily the blockchain replaces all in titles with a - (hyphen) so you can just write the above titles as

  • LeoFinance Review
  • wLEO Ethereum DeFi Token Review
  • Koinos Mining How To
  • Superman Death of Tomorrow Review 2020
  • Ether Vol.1 Death of the Last Golden Blaze Comic Review

That’s all there’s to. Few seconds only to massively improve the SEO value of almost all your content(2) you publish on LeoFinance or on any other Tribe via their own interface.

(1) I could have left out the “tweak” but I think in a near future someone may have a better post — hopefully when the permalink editor is introduced — and could use that exact title better than this workaround post.
(2) SEO is slightly more complicated and often there’s much more to it, but this simple “workaround” can make a huge difference for the best articles which may not rank amidst the first few search results if their URL is poorly chosen.

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Probably the most important article written this week.

If you don't get >200 LEO reward for this something's going wrong!

And I was going to say you could have left out the tweak, but you've covered it!

The technique about the edit is GENIUS I must say, that never occurred to me!

The examples you give are great!

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Not sure about most important article this week, but the week's still fresh. Thanks nevertheless. :)

It's rather clumsy altho once used to it quickly becomes part of your work flow. It only takes few seconds to do.

Actually, waiting for the first SEO pro to say there's few stopwords and articles in last two examples, but they're titles and people will usually type out the full title + review as query. For books, and especially comics, I also throw the author name in the slug because there's often side arcs and every so many years the lead author changes.


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I think there's a lot to be said for a nice pokey article that's to the point and actually gives you one simple action you can do for a real benefit!

Good job I say!

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Now if only we could also immediately set the Twitter content so everyone who tweets the article - all two of them - immediately tag FinanceLeo and also have a Hive hashtag in there. :3

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Excellent advice!

Can't wait for this feature to be implemented in one of the upcoming releases of the LeoFinance front-end.

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Thanks for the appreciation. Would love to have the feature as well, but I understand it is probably a niche low priority feature within the grand scheme of Leo.

Until then the workaround works for me.


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I would also say use variations in your title, URL and H2 tags i your posts so say your article is about SEO, you could use SEO in one, Search Engine Optimisation in another and Search engine marketing in another that way you have more exact match keywords present across your content

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I don't really use the method but you could easily slip a second and maybe even third h1 title in your post (depending on its length) rather than h2.

There is nothing against doing so and then that is definitely a solid recommendation.
(AFAIK h2 is not weighted?)


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Great information which can be used on LEO Finance or anywhere else. And considering the mechanisms for burning Ads revenue, improving SEO and getting more value out of that is just better for everyone from this community.

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Really well and clearly laid out with the FKN stamp of authority and good research. Thanks for this, I shall incorporate the practice in my posts from now onwards 👍

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I'll check from now on if you tell the truth :P

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Ha ha please do........and what happens then if I'm bullshitting and just posturing for upvotey attention?

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Hahahaha. Creativity. Love it. Use it

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Damn! This is really exciting to try! Thank you for sharing! A nice workaround of a problem I didn't even think of.

You're the man!

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Thanks man for the advice on how we can improve our SEO value. This is really helpful for me as I am building my own blog and planning to submit it to future employers.

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This has got to be one of the most importatn posts done to bring more traffic to the site. Thanks a lot for the tips :)

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Nice article.

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