October Hive Power Up Day approaches

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I have no idea what has happened to September. A post-September #HivePUD keeping-promises post has been on my to do list for at least the last three weeks. Especially after @traciyork gave me the list of accounts to receive delegations from me.

Ironically that was on 9/11. Anyhow...

We had to revise the criteria set out in my original post because there were no accounts that qualified so we used the following:

  • less than 6 months old
  • less than 59 rep
  • less than 200 HP

Traci used her awesome random selection thingy and consulted with @victoriabsb and I was instructed advised to delegate to the following accounts:

I did so immediately and will remove the delegations on 2 October (or after if I forget - which is likely). Here's the proof:


Next month

I am not going to labour repeat what Traci said in her announcement post except to say to @streetstyle that he is still missed and we hope that although he's AFK, he and his family are healthy and safe.

Similarly, @hivebuzz is continuing its support of power up day, and those fabulous badges - the best on any blockchain are up for grabs.

Less is more

When @victoriabsb posted about October Power Up Day, she tagged me and said that my contribution was still to be confirmed. I did so in a comment on that post, but to be clear and so that all participants know, this is what I'm committing to for October, and for the next while and because my account has grown a little (a story for another time):

  1. Two delegations
  2. 100HP each

Assuming there are sufficient participating accounts, and because my commitment is to the little worker bees in the hive, the criteria remain the same, and in adddition to the criteria set out in both Traci and Victoria's posts -

  • less than 6 months old
  • less than 59 rep
  • less than 200 HP

Should these need to change, I rely on the advice of both Traci and Victoria who consult about these matters, and because I'd prefer to be impartial.

With that, I'll most definitely be seeing you on 1 September - you see, I did it again - October!

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy
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wow time does fly!! Better start preparing again , thanks for the reminder

You're welcome!

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Excellent Sunday.

Grateful for the delegation, it has increased my capabilities a bit. I hope you continue to help build and grow new Hivers.

Always the best of successes!

I am glad to have been able to help even just a little.

All the best to you, too!

I'm right there with you on the brain hurtiness of it almost being October about two seconds after September started! Thanks so much for offering your amazing support again, both in the form of delegations, comments, tweets & rts, and just in general being an awesome friend. ❤️

On the support and friendship thing: totally reciprocated 🤗💓

On this initiative: it's a no brainer. Three years ago, when we were noobs, there were no initiatives like this to help and encourage me to think about what Inwas doing with my little bit of crypto. More to the point, people helped me and this is my small way to pay it forward.