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RE: Hive: One Major Advantage Over Bitcoin And Ethereum

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Hive users paid ZERO in fees to transact compared to more than $700 million on Ethereum and $240 million on Bitcoin.

When ETH and BTC maximalists move beyond these two coins, their mind will be freaking blown. I don't know why many devs, users or investors utilize DPoS & PoS blockchains. They are faster, cheaper (feeless or small fee) & highly scalable as compared to these two.

Hive's community is the biggest asset we have and there are so many talented people collectively complete this place. I wish more and more people get to know about us and the value we are creating here.

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Hive is actually on a nice path. We are spreading out tentacles on a regular basis. It is small iterations right now, not huge by any means.

However, there will come a point where all of that will pay off and the exponential nature will take over.

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I think we just need to create 3-5 projects like Leo Finance and Hive will moon very soon.

I see these developments happening as I go deep into the ecosystem.

@hivelist and @threespeak are on the right track to becoming one of the path-breaking projects for Hive. Bring eCommerce and video sharing network respectively. I am sure there are more, just need to find them.

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The key is the possibilities keep increasing. This makes the chances of success much greater. It is the all the eggs in one basket idea.

The more we are tossing at it, the greater the chance something breaks through. This will eventually excite the masses.

@hivelist is something that was not on my radar but can make a big difference.

We get a dozen projects popping and we will see a much different ecosystem.

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That would be so cool. Will make our ecosystem rich. We would want to generate as many possible usecase of Hive to cover a wide range of domains.

Also, the way Leo Finance is working towards interoperability, I hope to see other Blockchains getting connected to Hive, creating more value through collaborative effort.

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