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RE: Could HBD Change DeFi On Hive?

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I don't remember but somebody raised an interesting point on this particular change in HF25:

If we make APRs too lucrative, people might buy Hive and power up but put their stake in HBD to get the interest. That might affect manual curation if the APR is set to be more than 10%. As far as I understand, we cannot predict the user behavior without actually doing this expt. Let's give it a try.

I still do not understand how this will solve the peg problem or is there anything I am missing?

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The APR and the peg are two different issues. The peg is coming from a capping of the hard fork. Blocktrades posts do a much better job at detailing that than I could (edicted might have covered it too).

As for the manual curation, I am not sure how that is affected. Curation is based upon the total HP and the percent a person has when upvoting. Thus I am not sure whatever money in HBD affects it.

The total HP that is voting is the total HP voting and splitting up the reward pool. It doesnt matter if it is 10 million HP or 200 million HP.

Obviously the lower the number, the more each of our votes are worth.

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