ADA had an All Time High Today & Crypto Crazy Market

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These past few months in the crypto world everything is going wild. We really don't know what the next day will bring. First, there are so many and different projects out there, which honestly need tons of research in order for someone to get in.

At the same time, we also got the news, market news each day about the projects that we have invested in, as well as for the cryptos in general. Influencers are all over the place, people are making tons of money and others losing.

ADA today made a new all-time high of 1.7$ and many people believe that until the end of the year it will reach 3$-4$. I also held some ada, i don't think much, around 100 or so maybe which i have bought for 30 cents, so i basically have 5 times my initial investment now.

The crypto market sure is crazy and as i said many people made some serious money. That's why we got more regulations than ever as we attracted more people than ever. One of those regulations that everyone feared and fears is taxation.

To be perfectly clear people don't have a problem being taxed but they don't want to get taxed and that money then fell into the hands of corrupted fellows. Also, they don't want to get taxed unfairly and currently, that's what's happening because they don't know yet how to tax cryptos.

I think i read somewhere that people that used Kraken will be taxed if between 2016-2020 they made transactions of over 20k. I am really curious how they will determine that cause one day you may have profits of 20k and then the next day 0.

Anyway this year, as well as the following even though we gonna, have some good gains we also gonna have some stupid regulations i dare to say that will frustrate a lot of people.

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