Splinterlands & KOGS cooperation

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In recent months I have become a huge fan of RFOX and have written a few posts about this topic.




Now the @Splinterlands team has partnered up with them as well. This Kogs promotion is a good sign. It is different teams working together instead of against each other. This is the spirit of the gaming community and allows for growth for all.

the rising tide lifts all crypto boats



Splinterlands is a cool game that has not gotten the recognition it deserves based on the economy behind it and the value of the cards and RFOX is the same. There is a huge potential for upward change in both companies and I am really happy to be a participant in both ecosystems and happy to see them work together.

Both have Uniswap pools and reward their users with a nice bonus for pooling their tokens.

RFOX WETH 1.3 Million liquidity

DEC-WETH 200k liquidity

Check out both projects. Get some NFTs and play some games...

Play to earn is the future

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Oh boy another game to get involved in. My better half will be pissed.....

yea, tell me about it... I keep telling mine that its an investment

It sort of escaped my attention that there's so much liquidity in the RFOX pool. Nice!

Nice trade earlier, feels good to avoid most of the GAS fees!

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its good to help out a fellow hivean... and good to share some RFOX tokens in this community

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