Arbitraging Dlease and LEOfinance?

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If you look at the pictures above there seems to be a nice possibility here.

Scenario 1:

I have 20k HP and I delegate it all to Leo and get 16%... very cool but no more curation rewards for me on HIVE and I do make a decent amount there.


Scenario 2:

Lease some HIVE like the 1000 in the example below and delegate that same amount to @leo.voter

I still make another 1.2% profit in my curation. And I know there are people out there that make way better curation rewards then me so for those it is even more lucrative to take the 2nd scenario


I will admit that this is more of a whale/orca/fat dolphin proposition than for smaller Hive holders but It does not cost you much especially if you are able to take long-term leases.

Think about it this way:

In the crypto world, 1-3% ROI is peanuts
In the real world, it is a lot more than the banks are paying you.

Another byproduct of this approach might be that the % ROI of Dlease might go up as people try to take advantage of this.

I have put in my offer on DLEASE, lets see if it gets filled. If it does I know where my liquid Hive is going to in the next few weeks... I have 20k delegations to get


I really hope I did not get anything wrong here but it seems my math is correct here
Please let me know what you think

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I know someone who used to do that on the old chain. I don't know the numbers, but it was a similar scenario as yours. Not gaining much but still getting something. Balancing your HP is not easy for sure. Good luck with your plan :)

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on the old chain

that makes me feel like a veteran

Balancing your HP is not easy for sure

hence my comment about this being more for deeper pocketed individuals :-)

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We are veterans, don't you think? 😃

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Looks really interesting, well played

i am just trying it out, do not have much to lose but it seemed like an interesting thought experiment

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You are right you can do that but there is a risk here , if someone pulls out delegation mid way then you might be in trouble , well wait , no then you can just undelegate to leo.voter lol go ahead .

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