Steemit, are you kidding me?

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On the internet you can find many impressive things, from memes about a celebrity or a stupid thing that a president did, to hundreds of people making a fool of themselves in order to accumulate followers and find fame, and the truth is that these things that you find on the internet make you laugh or leave you speechless.


Yesterday, I was browsing a little in my old STEEMIT profile and I came across something very curious that left me totally dumbfounded, STEEM is trading above the dollar and SBD exceeds $10, this is something surprising because when I started in 2017 that was the price at which these 2 coins were maintained until the crisis occurred and the cryptocurrency bubble exploded and in the same way as happened with the BTC went from almost 20K to $4951 at its lowest price. STEEM and SBD saw the same price correction and I think many of you here experienced it, as SBD went from $14 to $0.60 at its lowest price and STEEM from $7.97 to $0.27, which caused many to leave the platform for a while.


But now with this bullish cycle that we have had in the crypto market since November last year, Steemit has seen a motivating recovery in its two currencies and also with the amount of users posting in the communities there.

But as the saying goes: "If something seems too true to be real, it probably isn't". And with steemit this happened, because when I was looking for a community where I felt comfortable to post content, I found Project Hope a community where you can post topics related to cryptocurrencies and technology in general.

There I found a lot of leofinance and hive users taking advantage of steemit's bull run.

But I also came across this post that looks like something a total loser would write:


SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT: please refrain from promoting Project.hope and bringing new members

And when I read this ad basically what I could understand from this trash publication was this:

"If you want to publish in steemit then look for another community that here will not accept more users, since the price of SBD is very good and we do not want many people to take advantage of this, go to hell all that are not in the list of favorites of project hope".

Of course there are many more communities where you can participate if you want, but what I am impressed is that the concept of decentralization in this specific community seems that they do not understand it or if they understand it they do not care. They look like a gang of criminals that when they control an area of the city they do everything they can so that other criminals can traffic there. And as I said at the beginning, that left me totally dumbfounded and gave me a lot of laughter, seeing how ridiculous and contradictory that ad was.

But, what they did in project hope does not surprise me at all, because for some time steemit has been managing a policy to avoid giving votes to everyone and give it selected and if they meet certain requirements, such as that the publication is fully configured for steempower or have a verified user tag, and if you make even a small mistake when posting you are banned mercilessly from the community.

Of course I know that most of those who are now in leofinance don't give a damn about what is done in steemit, for that reason Hive was born. But what worries me is that this same thinking could influence the Hive communities if the price of HIVE and HBD were to rise even more and equal those of steemit. And although as @blocktrades mentioned in his last post, they are trying to stabilize the HBD price to avoid disastrous things in Hive, so as long as that keeps working I'm cool. And also one of the most popular slogans here in Hive and leofinance is to promote so that everyone can benefit, and here in these Hive communities they don't have such a marginalized mentality.

But you, what do you think about this nazi measure taken by the Project Hope community on steemit?

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The old chain is a dumpster fire. You can’t go wrong by just staying far away from it.

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If you are right, that place is left for the morons who only think of themselves.

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This is serious!
What in the world did I just read?
Well like you said,I really hope this doesn't happen here on hive

As I said there are things that you find on the internet that leave you speechless.

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You were right on that part then

Steem is a centralized shitcoin. Of course the people on there will think like that.

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And we will see much worse things.

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What a shitty blockchain. Isn't the owner of "project hope" @crypto.piotr? I've always had a very bad feeling about that user, he spammed so much with transfers that I think he had no other way to get attention.