...And how much can be earned?

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And how much can be earned?

It is a question we often hear or ask when starting a new business, accepting a job in a company or when we are presented with an incredible business opportunity. Because, we want to know how profitable it can be, to know if it is really worth investing our time. Even when we met Hive or Leofinance it's a question we could have asked (I asked it to the person who introduced me to Steemit). And although it is not wrong to think about the rewards we can get or the achievements we will get, asking this question to know if we will be successful or not, without even having started is extremely mediocre, and I say this for 3 reasons that I have seen throughout my experience here in Hive and Leofinance.



1) Limit the success you can have.

This is so because when we ask ourselves this question, we base the success of what we are going to do on what you can get to earn, for example when I was starting me in leofinance, I asked a lot to the users on discord How much can you earn with this community?. But by asking this question he was predisposing that if I did not earn what I expected or did not get what I was told, then I would abandon it because for him it would be a huge waste of time and I would focus on something else that would give me the results I want. And it happened like that, because after making my first publications and seeing that I didn't get great votes, I stopped publishing in Leofinance for several days, which obviously held me back and prevented me from learning or taking benefits in many things.

So the first reason to avoid this question when starting a project is that it limits your success, because you measure it only by the results that maybe you could imagine you would have.

2) It forces you to be mediocre.

It sounds kind of rude, but it's totally true. And if you don't believe me, look around you, we are full of people who are looking for a golden opportunity to become millionaires or to try to improve their lives, but they don't pretend to give the slightest effort. And something that characterizes people like this, is that they constantly blame external factors that according to them prevent their success, when it is in their way of thinking the big problem.

I remember when I was in high school and with some classmates, we proposed to start a business selling chocolate lollipops so we could pay the graduation without having to put money from our pocket and as we all wanted a movie graduation, we quickly sat down to calculate the costs and profits. but since we all wanted to make a lot of money (false expectations) so that we would even have something left for ourselves, we saw that it was very difficult to do something like that and we didn't make any sales since we saw that it was not profitable, but the dumbest thing was that we didn't even try. and when we were going to graduate, we had nothing to pay the necessary expenses.

3) You close yourself off to great opportunities.

For example, I have talked to many people about Hive or Leofinance, and I have even tried to help them get started and take advantage of the experience that I am giving them, but when they ask me: How much can you make? Well, I know that when they don't succeed at some point, they will easily give up and quit. And you know what? that's exactly what happens, because even after the first publication, if they don't get a big vote, they quit and say it's a big waste of time.

Anyway, when starting a project knowing how much you can earn monetarily, is not the most important thing, think about all the experience you can have, think about the trip or the interpersonal relationships, think about what is really valuable, and I assure you that you will not give up easily when the gray clouds appear.

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I agree with your last point very much. People are always limiting themselves because of a desire for money. I can't comprehend how many passions have been pushed aside to work a better paying job in our world's history.

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So the first reason to avoid this question when starting a project is that it limits your success, because you measure it only by the results that maybe you could imagine you would have.

So true,it makes the person focus more on just the present moment and make them ignore the future which is even more important...

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