dCITY is More Than Just a Game - It's a Dividend-Paying Powerhouse!

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My city is growing a little bit larger every single day. I'd been looking at the growing number of homeless and immigrants, and while I could have exported them to another new city, wanted to see what I could do here on my own. So I started building Job Centers well beyond the 100% mark and that seems to be soaking up the unemployed and turning them into productive citizens. Maybe I went a little crazy building so many, but it seems to have done the trick.

With any new funds that come in from say HIVE for instance, I try to split it between new building cards to increase my daily SIM amount and buying LEO. Speaking of which, I stake the contract LEO I get and also stake a portion of the tokens I buy, while holding onto the rest. So to those of you upvoting my content, Thank you, I'm doing right by it.

Going, Going, GONE!

Since cards from the first edition collection will be going away at some point, I'm looking at getting as many as I can that will enhance my city for the future. What will things look like when there are no Police Stations? Better to get a handle on crime now, while we still can. The Weed Dispensary? They're going as well, so if you like those sweet triple-ten stats, you'd better stock up now, cause once they're gone, they're gone!

Combining farms with the GMO tech card (while keeping an eye on my popularity), provides a balanced mix of stats in dCITY. Picked up the AI Tech card, which freed up some workers and allowed me to fill some vacant job slots I had available.

Screenshot 1232.png

With daily SIMS of around 1400, my near-term goal is to increase my stash to 10k then 100k while raising my daily income to 2000 SIMS. This will give me a nice base in which to branch out into the third edition cards to come.

We're starting to see a harbinger of that with the new events like the pandemic ironically, which prevents a percentage of your city's population from working, so that needs to be factored in as well. Basically, I treat my city as a giant dividend reinvestment plan. The odd festivals and conventions increase my population, so I dip into my SIM hoard to fund growth in my daily payouts. How's your city doing?

Thank You So Much!

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Not sure I have much time for the games here. I dipped my toes in splinterlands last week but I don’t want to get sucked in too deep. I did buy some SIM though cause I wanna support these coins in their early stages

I'm real busy as well. What I like about it is I can pop in once or twice a day to see how it's doing, then bounce. Third Edition cards should be coming out soon, so it's good you picked up some tokens.

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It's one of the few hive games or apps that I know very little about. It seems to be doing very well but I never looked into it at any stage.

It's good that you are doing so well and the game does look very interesting. I might have to take a proper look at some stage.

If you take a look at the top 50 players ranking, you may just see some names you'll recognize. I'd imagine they're some pretty happy people right about now! :)

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I feel like I missed the ball on this game. It seems as though it is much to late to get start now as most of the more established players will have the advantage. That is awesome that you are doing so well. Congrats!

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I don't know about that, I'm 236th from the top! lol There are people who are way ahead of me and I treat it like a snowball of tokens rolling downhill. It's fun! :)

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So are you actually making some money on it? I feel like a lot of these games are just a trickle. I see you say snowball. Compared to what you have put into the game, what is your ROI?

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At current low HIVE prices, some folks still make over $100 USD per day in SIM income on dcity.io. Nothing to laugh at. As HIVE price increases, so does the dollar value of SIM since there is currently a peg of 1 HIVE = 200 SIM on the HIVE Engine marketplace.

A small startup city generates a few pennies to a dollar per day, and it can be compounded daily at roughly 0.5% to 1% per day, giving it an APY of ~517%. Definitely a great DRIP (Dividend Re-Investment Plan)!

The game is fun and the community is active and helpful on Discord. DCity.io is definitely my favorite DApp on HIVE!

I think you should try it out! You will quickly fall in love with it.

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That's a great outline of the game. I didn't get into it for those reasons, but because I love "God games" and this reminded me of Sim City so ROI wasn't on my mind when I put down stakes for my own city. However, now I do see the powerful effect reinvesting Sim has on the daily payouts. Like a snowball rolling downhill...

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Okay, you might be twisting my arm. I need to see if I have some liquid Hive to buy some of the packs with.

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I haven't looked at it like that, it's more what you can do once your city reaches a certain size. I get a little bit of HIVE every day along some WEED, BEER and almost 1400 SIM tokens. What starts out as a trickle can add up over time. It's something that I do for fun that also generates tokens for me.

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