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Transparency in business makes business operation easy for others to see what actions are performed and opens room for openness, communication, and accountability in the business

Many businessmen and women suffer loss in their business because they are unable to be transparent both to their consumers and their employees and team.

it is unfortunate that most managers do not know that transparency between their customers, team, employees, and people around them in their business circle help promotes trust and confidence between the people.

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Transparency is not only important but helps facilitate the growth of a business. Transparency in a business and among business circles helps make the rewards of a manager and employee easy and genuine to come by.

Transparency in business among managers and employee not only bring about swift income but also bring about togetherness and happiness in the company.

Transparency brings about happiness in the company and one of the ways a manager can build transparency is to write down his vision and make sure to educate or enlighten his employees on the vision, strategies, and the happenings going on in the company.

It is advisable that a manager not only write out his vision but should be able to share his or her vision with his employees plainly for them to be able to understand and know which way to go.

Transparency in business among the managers and employees creates doors for openness among the team members which also opens doors for new things, creativity, and openness.

A manager who is open about his business breeds employees who are ready and willing to work, think out of the box, they are always ready to think about ideas and share them for the benefit of the growth of the company.

They know and have this confidence that no matter how little their ideas are, it will always be acceptable and appreciated by their team members and managers.
Transparency in a business creates communication among consumers, employees, and managers.

Let's also remember that two heads are better than one and ideas could come from customers as well which could also be of use and benefit to the company.

Transparency in business makes goals not only easy to set but easier to accomplish. This is because everyone in the team or company knows exactly the goals or vision of the company, what is expected of them, and works towards achieving the goals of the company.

Transparency promotes honesty and integrity in business and makes the employees work cheerfully and tirelessly in achieving the company vision not only for the company but for the benefits they’ll get at the end, from the company.

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It is advisable that in a business, there should be some amount of transparency between the manager, employees, and costumer to foster the growth of a company.

When a manager is transparent, he or h creates a convenient room or working space desirable for employees and this makes working in the company comfortable for all workers.

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