Thus Begins My Voice Journey

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After a long long wait, I entered the queue on June 7th, 2019, today I was invited to join the Voice.

The signup procedure was quite straightforward. I downloaded and installed the Android app, entered the invitation code, entered the user name, and got my generated password, went through a sort of 3D selfie process.

Then I used the thus given name and password to enter the browser site too. You see the result on the cover image.

I was surprised to find the username ervin still available. I couldn't use my preferred username since hyphens are not allowed.

Voice won't be my primary online presence medium. Hive will remain my platform of choice, of course.

I have also received 3,000 tokens to use for voting. It looks like you get 100 of them each day afterward.

No posts so far. I tried once yet I couldn't upload the images. It may be that my connection is not good enough.

I have five invitation links in case you would like to try the Voice out.

I need your mail and name, Voice is very serious about KYC as you may already know.

You can send me the data with an encrypted memo along with a 0.001 Hive transaction. Put the # as the first character of the memo field.

3D selfie was a bit of a struggle. I succeeded on the second try. Later, when I wanted to change the photo for a better one, I was told that the photos don't match. This was on the phone. Even later, on the desktop, I succeeded in changing it. Good. I like myself better in this photo :)

Better and better

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I am extremely disappointed with Voice. They haven't made any significant changes in the last 6-8 months. Their token is still in testnet. They seem to have a lot of money for the project but nothing is moving and nothing is happening. It's very strange.

I can see it. The interface is fairly rudimentary. Any dev team here on Hive could make more in such a period, I think.

Is the token, and the content, on some blockchain? I don't think so.

Voice won't be my main media. A post here or there with days in between.

Have a great Sunday.


That is correct! They have a lot to improve!

@ervin-lemark denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@ervin-lemark thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

Congratulations on your "Voice"!
Last week I also received the invitation, I managed to register but I still haven't found the time to post. I hope to meet you there.

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What's your username on Voice?

I published my first post a minute ago. It was a struggle with the phone app. And you can't edit it after it's published. So I can't correct the typos :)

The name is @bluemoon (Dumitru Gavriliu) but I haven't posted anything yet. I will try soon.

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Followed :)

That’s cool! I have been investigating the Voice platform as well... Ervin, would you consider sending me an invite? I would like to join you over there... that being said... just like you Hive will always be my primary social media platform.

SUre. How will you send me the details - email, name, surname. You can do it via Hive transfer and encrypted memo to keep it private. Or via Discord. ervin-lemark#0697

Hi @ervin-lemark!

I'm guessing you already gave away the Voice link. Sorry! These last 2 weeks have been horrendous for me. Of course I am still interested in joining up on the Voice platform. Do you have any other invitations?

I just sent a friends request to you on Discord. I'll send you the required info through the method.

Thanks again @ervin-lemark!

I hope that I'm not to late! (But if I am that's alright... I'll wait for the next opportunity.)

You are not too late. I answered you in Discord.

Thank you! Got it and responded.