Splinterlands - End Of Season, Powerful Cards On Sale

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Today was the end of the Splinterlands* season which I played just enough to finish several quests and reach Silver I league. 18 loot chests were to be opened.

Two epic cards, both the same (Spirit Shaman) and one rare card.

Both epic and rare cards received are on sale already!

Spirit Shaman

You can buy two of them:

  • level 3 BCX 6 for $1.90
  • level 1 BCX 1 for $0.29

Gloridax Soldier


  • level 2 BCX 6 for $0.27

Cards On Sale

These cards are all on sale. Many of them are very powerful. Dragons especially. Grab them, will you?

Ruler of the Seas839,2
The Kraken513,95
Spirit of the Forest17,35
Delwyn Dragonscale21,55
Dragonling Bowman10,15
Serpentine Mystic281,87
Serpentine Mystic Gold13,58
Gloridax Soldier60,27
Fiendish Harpy22,38
Fire Spitter61,97
Gold Dragon142
Black Dragon610,99
Spirit Shaman61,9
Spirit Shaman10,29

This article is parallel to the Summit 3000 series of articles.

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I got almost the exact same cards. Odd. I like the way you are promoting your cards for sale, seems like a good idea that I'm probably going to steal. :) This season I'm going to try and get up into the deck reward level. I struggled a bit this season and didn't get any decks.

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Go ahead and copy it and good luck with your sales. Also, I wish you all the best for this season.


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Nice! You did much better than I did. Those two epic cards are pretty awesome. I think the best I did was I got a gold rare card or it might have been a common. Either way, the RNG gods weren't very friendly with me at the end of this season.

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I wish you better luck next time :)


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Gaming community will sure love the new cards, artists create some amazing finishing touches to present them.

@tipu curate

Thank you very much.

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