Selling Splinterlands Cards On WAX Market

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Connect Splinterlands with your WAX account

You can send me some NFTs, thank you!

Send one card to your WAX wallet

Sending the card over ...

Checking my WAX wallet ...

Isn't this just great!

Cards on WAX ... ? One!

Put the card on the market

Let's compare the markets.

Splinterlands - Zalran Efreet, Level 2, BCX 3

Let's say you can get the equivalent for $8.

Putting the card on the market with the lowest price. What do you think will happen?

You can buy it here.

There are several Zalrans on the AtomicHub market now.

Many thanks to @chubb149 and his article Using Wax Wallet Splinterlands & Crypto Brew Masters NFTs.

Better and better

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thanks for the shout out I just sold land plots there to I didn't think they would sell

That's great to hear, bravo!

Good luck with your future sells :)


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this is cool. I have a bunch of starter packs. I've never played

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I think you can offer a whole pack on the market too. take a look and post about it...

Good luck!

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I personally would not buy on WAX if the prices cost that much more. However, it is true that I am generating a decent amount of WAX everyday and it would make it much easier to transfer between HIVE and WAX. I wish you have good luck on your sales, but I also feel sad if anyone buys at that price. Hopefully they learn in the future and it incentives them to learn more on HIVE.

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I understand you and this is absolutely not a regular offer. It's just a try or maybe a proof of possibility.

I guess that nobody will buy it and I'll transfer the card back and sell it on the regular market.

Which brings up another question - how do you transfer the card from WAX wallet back to your Splinterlands collection? :)

I am not sure. I don't think there are clear instructions. You might have to go to Discord and ask how to do so. Below is my opinion so don't follow it

As for part of the steps, I think you send the card to splintrlands account (since they are the verifier) but I am not sure if you can add a memo.

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I found them. It looks to be easy. Wallet transfer to splintrlands with your account as a memo.->

So it does look like what I said was pretty much right. I just wasn't sure if there was a memo. Just make sure the name is correct and make sure not to have that e when sending them to splintrlands.

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Hello guy's.I have bought two cards with WAX from Atomichub and whenever I go to play with them it gets stuck.what happens to these cards?