From Splinterlands To CubFinance, Again And More Coming - Gold Foil Goblin Mech On Sale

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It's the fil rouge of the last week with @CubFinance being the pivotal point of all Hive and Hive-Engine financial movements. $DEC is one of the main sources, partly because of the bridge to BSC built into the @splinterlands game.

In Feeding Cub With DEC I showed you the way to go with $DEC to #cubfinance liquidity pools. There I announced more card sales with the first being on the market.

Well, it isn't any longer.

Five hours after putting it on the market, the Fallen Specter moved on to its new owner. Thank you, @sankysanket18.

12722.756 $DEC is roughly 4.17467 $CUB or $12.72. This amount will end up in the pool tonight.

@bozz, it's working for me :)

@herbertholmes2, do you have the access to your original account and cards? I suppose you do. Your summoners need to level up. I can help you there if you wish.

So, to continue the trend some more cards will hit the market. The best market price as of this moment is guaranteed.

It's Goblin Mech's turn. It's a golden opportunity. Grab it!


Better and better

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Nice! I am glad you got it all sorted out! Congrats on the sale and stacking more Cub!

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Well shit. Now I'm even more confused. That page shows the cards I had in my original Steem account. That's the one I loss the passkey to that I've talked about it the Why am I here posts. I think it might still exist somewhere but it's most likely lost forever.. unless a miracle happens.

However, I noticed I've been using a lot of the same cards in my herbertholmes2 account. But, I apparently don't own them. I don't know if I managed a way to share some cards from my original account to this one or what.

Either way, it seems like retrieving that passkey is my best hope of playing Splinterlands. It could be hidden in a notes document on my old computer somewhere.. I think that's about my only hope. Unless the landlord who stole my safe ever decides to return it; I know there's a copy to the key in there

Eh, that's really too bad.

What about your recovery account? It's probably @steem. Let me check ...Yes, it is @steem ->

I wonder if there is a way to recover access to accounts created by @steem. It should be.

There are some cards that are playable even if you don't own them. I guess it is a way of helping those with short decks to enter the game - and become hooked and buy some cards on their own :)

Here is the first row of my collection. You can see that the first two cards are grayish. These two are leased to me by the game.

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I'm not sure what recovery account means.. I'm pretty dumb when it comes to all this blockchain stuff, despite the endless hours I've invested trying to understand it. My understanding was that if I lost my key, that was that. And I haven't heard of any possibility of changing that.

I am still logged into Steemit on my old computer. But, since I can't perform any wallet actions, that's why I decided to just create a new account that I had full access to for a multitude of reasons. I guess maybe someone really tech savvy could help me retrieve that saved password.. I haven't actually thought of that before now, that really doesn't sound that hard. I might be able to do it... years later, this conversation gives me a very simple idea I should have thought of in 2018 hahaha.

Yeah, I guess my deck is all those leased cards you speak of. I have 5 cards on this account apparently. I didn't know that until now. Maybe I can transfer my cards from herbertholmes to herbertholmes2 without my key; if it's saved... I'll have to find my charger and kick on my old computer if it still will boot. It's roughly 20 years old. But it has survived thus far.. 😂

A recovery account is an account that can recover lost keys. In theory. In praxis, I didn't try it yet. There was no need :)

By default, the recovery account is the account that created your account. In the beginning, this was @steem. Then other parties offered account creation too.

You can change your recovery account. In fact, it is prudent to change it. PeakD offers this interface:

Try booting up your old computer and copy all Steem private keys of your old account somewhere safe.

In the meantime, I'll check if it's possible to recover access to Steem-created accounts.

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Right, but I guess that is the part I don't quite understand; because when I signed up for Steem(along with almost any blockchain wallet), it's pretty clear there is no recovery for lost passkeys. But then these same platforms talk about recovery.

To be honest I'm feeling quite dumb right now haha. I'm about to go to "work"- aka I found a random job on a local posting because of my unexpected temporary unemployment. When I get home I will look into it more. I know where the computer is, but finding the charger might be a tricky one 😂

Thank you for your help! I'll give you an update when I've got that thing up and running. It would be amazing to get that back.. for Splinterlands but also there's a "decent" amount of Steem and SBD in there.. and by "decent" I mean for a minnow such as myself haha

Great to hear you have a job.

And good luck with the charger, computer, and keys.

Keep in mind that you will recover two accounts - on Steem and on Hive. Double gain :)

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It was a one time thing- someone needed their house cleaned for renters. But it’s not uncommon around here so I’m hoping the trend continues. Whatever I can do until these borders magically open haha

Just found the charger(by accident actually haha), we’ll see how it goes

Holy shit man! I actually didn’t know that last part. I just searched my old account on HIVE and I wasn’t aware Steem profiles swapped over here. Plus they generated HP, HIVE, and HBD!? Damn. I had no idea. Now if I get in I’ll have to decide which account to use hahah. (Or both) I have more HP here yet a lot more followers on that one- yet who knows if they’re active still. It’s been dormant for years

I guess I have a lot to learn still.. I don’t entirely know how HIVE/STEEM interact. Maybe it’s time for me to become a little more technically knowledgeable

Maybe it is.

Good luck with accessing the old account.

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Hmm, this:

The recovery system is used to recover hacked accounts. In the event that you lose your password, your account is lost forever. You must know at least one old password that was used on your account within 30 days. This recovery process can only be executed once an hour. Stolen Account Recovery gives the rightful account owner 30 days to recover their account from the moment the thief changed their owner key.

Found here

You need to know at least one private key.

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