When Ten Years Of Work Is At Risk, You Need A Smart Solution

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Watching taskmaster4450's video yesterday made me finally acknowledge I need to do something, I need to find a solution as soon as possible if I don't want to lose 10 years of work. I've been procrastinating this task and I'm afraid one day it'll be too late.

There are stories about traditional social media account being blocked, deleted for good, without the author could do anything about the content uploaded and shared. You don't even have the opportunity to let your followers, subscribers know what's happened. You are silenced for good.

The Beginning

The whole thing started when in 2009 I thought it would be nice to earn some money online while sharing what I know and set up a few blogs. There were plenty of options for bloggers, some fancy and expensive, others not so fancy and free. You could have your own domain for a fee around $8/year and use it on a free platform, use your domain on a paid server, or use a totally free server with a subdomain, like blogspot.com.

After weighing my option I went for the free option and choose Google Adsense to monetize my content. I've had various topics to blog about, but the main blog I've earned the most was a cooking blog, which kind of served me as m online cooking book. Having my recipes on the internet, accessible from anywhere was priceless.

After awhile I lost interests in blogging and turned my attention to other platforms you can earn from, but in those few years I've managed to earn around €2800. This has been a passive income as loading a recipe with photo editing included doesn't take much time. Google placed the necessary ads on my blog and every time people accessed my blog and clicked on ads, I got paid.

From Heaven To not quite Hell

Things went well, there were month in which I got €100, sometimes less, but it was passive income, for which I didn't have to work hours daily.

The difference between that system and what we have now is that there is no expiring period, ads are available on your blog (under certain conditions) all the time, while on Hive, your post expires in 7 days and after that you can't get paid for it.

However, not everything that shines is gold and all good things come to an end eventually. If it looks simple at first glance, let me tell you that it's not.

Google has an algorithm that determines the ranking of your website based on several parameters which influences search results. This is very complicated and can be manipulated easily. There have been a few scandals over the years, the giant has been accused of tempering with the algorithm, but this is a totally different discussion.

To cut the long story short, after some time page views dropped, so did my earnings and I lost interest. The blogs are still up and running, I still get a couple of $ per month, but that can't be considered income, really, not even pocket money. These blogs have been sitting there without me doing anything, except adding a few posts per year.


Traditional Blogging Platforms vs Blockchain Blogging

For almost three years I've been fine on Hive, got used to the system, to blogging on English and to managing my finances here, but I still care about the work I put into creating those blogs.

Looking around and witnessing how accounts are blocked, muted and silenced for good, I would be a fool not to see the obvious. If Google decides to pull the plug, my content is gone forever, without having the possibility to save any of it.

Google Adsense has a reputation in disabling accounts, after which you have to appeal and hope you can get it back, but the chances for that to happen are slim. You can get blocker for things you didn't do, it's enough for someone to run your blog/website on a paid traffic site without you knowing it and you're gone. My account has managed to survive for 11 years and it's still ok, I'd like to keep it that way, but the concerns I had back then, when I was still earning ... I don't want to share with you.

So I finally decided to salvage my content and bring it over to Hive. I'm not looking for big earnings as that's going to be a brand new account and we all know getting followers takes time. The blog will be bilingual, finally. Those posts were made in Hungarian, and the smart choice is to make them bilingual for everyone to understand.

The Future

What we're seeing now is kind of a revolution against censorship and controlled media, a transition from traditional social media to free blockchain event though the vast majority of the users have to still wake up and realize they are on the wrong side.

I'm not saying these platforms are going to disappear tomorrow, but they will in time and in the meantime, as more and more are turning their attention to blockchain blogging, your traditional blog will get less and less attention. It's time to move your content over here. However, there are some rules to do that, make sure to respect them if you don't want to end up on the wrong list.

Deleting from the blockchain is not possible, that's the beauty of it. It's your content, it can't be deleted, it's your account, it can't be muted!

Optimizing your website for search engines is not a concern anymore as Leofinance is working on helping already.


As I said, I made roughly €2800 in ten years but in fact that's much like in seven as I wasn't very active lately. €2800 is roughly $3350.
My main account shows $ 3,607.32 right now, all that in a little less than three years and I have to count the learning curve I'm on, the experience I've accumulated and the future possibilities we have here ... you can guess which balance is more valuable.

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It cannot be said that you worked in vain, plus the experience gained which is even more valuable. I'm sure the future looks good for you. I'm glad and I will be with an eye on you, to learn and inspire me.

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Thank you @bluemoon for the nice words. I don't know what the future holds for me but I'm going to work hard as these are not times to do nothing.

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With pleasure!

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Cool to read more of you!

Why wouldn't you write here first and move it to the blog, if it is pocket money, you shall not be afraid to lose it. Also new content is good for Google. Just mention that it is a repost from here and you should be safe. Also there are other means, not only Adsense. Yes, it is the biggest, but there can be other ways :)

Deleting from the blockchain is not possible, that's the beauty of it. It's your content, it can't be deleted, it's your account, it can't be muted!

It can be muted. Not deep on the blockchain but on the different viewers on the blockchain. Need to ask yourself, why we don't see the illegal stuff that has been uploaded. There are some good guys, that don't censor, but keep safe the environment, so that the viewer interfaces are not blocked in different countries.

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For now I'm going to set up a new account as it's going to be only recipes, and post bilingual posts, that's going to help when onboarding more users happen. Also need to take better photos for those recipes I'm bringing over on the go as those were low quality and I need to do better. In any case I'm determined to do it and will help on the long run.

Need to ask yourself, why we don't see the illegal stuff that has been uploaded. There are some good guys, that don't censor, but keep safe the environment, so that the viewer interfaces are not blocked in different countries.

Lol, I guess I'm one of the good guys as the circles I'm in don't have these stuff and I hope only the good people get here. How naive, right?

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Wow, you have been blogging since 2009, a guess it's a good thing you found Hive with all the risk of losing it all.

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Indeed it is. You know, when you're in this business for so long, it's easy to find new things as the community is helping. It's kind of like on Hive, you see so many things people are blogging about, you can't even try them out all.

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