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Today I wanted to do a search for my article and wanted to see what it is written about the platform on Wikipedia. I'm not going to go into details as it's the topic of my next post, but let's say it was blockchain related.

Wile I was reading what was available on Wikipedia, I thought why not check what's written about Leofinance, so I ran a search and this is what I got.


The page "" does not exist. You can ask for it to be created. source

A Google search looked a lot better though.

image.png is first on the list, which is great, it's how it should be. The rest are all important places at the moment, social media platforms most of the people are using for various reasons. However, Wikipedia is just as important as it's one of the 15 most popular websites as ranked by Alexa.

Hive is in the same situation, there's no page created for Hive blockchain.

Now you may argue that those interested in Leofinance can click the first link and land exactly where we want them to land, on However Wikipedia has its own purpose. Usually you can read the whole history of a person, a company or an event.

There's an opportunity here for free, a Wikipedia page could serve as a (centralized) ledger for Leofinance, updated regularly with all the new development that is happening. Right now we have @khaleelkazi and @leofinance's posts we can follow to stay up to date but a new user won't read all these posts (many over 2000, 3000, 4000 characters), or watch hours of videos, to catch up.

With this occasion I'd like to suggest a History page on LeoPedia, like listing events in chronological order. In a coulple of years it'll be fun to look back and see how far we've come.

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@erikah, Yes, in a way it's time to make a "Attractive Noise" in outside world. Stay blessed.

You too!

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Thank you.

That does seem like a good idea @erikah, as the only way awareness of a venue like this can increase is by placing its name in front of as many people as possible, in as many places as possible.

Wikipedia can be tricky because they heavily frown on entries that in any way sound promotional or self-serving. It has to be "JUST the straight facts," no opinion whatsoever... and you have to be able to back up those facts with citations to web sites/articles that in no way have any affiliation with, or connection to, LeoFinance.

Bright Blessings to you!

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