The Golden Opportunity

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These are exciting times if you are focusing on doing something on Hive, besides just blogging. There are plenty of opportunities now, one better than the other, you just have to keep your eyes open and have some knowledge and understanding.

Since tokens came into our life, users have the opportunity to earn, hold or sell them. Obviously each token is different and the value of the token depends on what the token represent. The price of the token is however a different matter.

Ever since LEO took off, I've been watching the market, keeping and eye on it but also on what's happening on the platform, following the path LEO is on as everything is correlated. Each action has a reaction.

Not long ago I saw a discussion about BTC at taskmaster's post, someone said the best opportunity to buy BTC was a couple of months ago when the price was at 9k!

Now that the price is more than double, buying at 9k is a golden deal, obviously. But was it a golden deal back then, when the price was 9k?

The answer is not that simple. For some, who could see the potential and believed in it, it was for sure the golden opportunity and many did buy. For others it wasn't as either didn't believe the price could rise, or didn't have the necessary funds to do it.

The truth is life is lived onward but it's better understood backwards.

Looking at the sell and buy orders you can see what the user is after. Some are jumping in and grabbing the current offer while others are placing orders below the market price hoping the price would drop. Buying low and holding or selling high is the ideal deal, but when do you know it's time?

screenshot source

As I said today in a discussion, history was not made by those who did nothing and profit is the reward for those who are taking the risk. I've seen users losing 200 or so tokens already by playing the I hope the price goes down game. You can lose quite a lot while waiting for one token to appreciate as the other you have your eye on can appreciate to.

Price is just one indicator you have to consider when buying, there are others as well, you just have to know which are those. This is a game that can be played well or badly, but you will only find out how you've done later.

So when is the golden opportunity? You have to consider your options carefully and not forget that both bravery and greediness has its price.

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History repeats itself and we seem not to learn from it. I invested a little bit before the bull run, some I have sold out of stupidity, but luckily I am holding some other crypto assets. Hoping for a mooning uptrend, even if there are some tokens that it will take few years for me to decide to sell.

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You know the saying, smart people learn from other people's mistake, not so mart people learn from their mistake.
However, this is a saying and reality is reality. You need to make a decision and suffer the consequences.
I hope you didn't lose much :)
I'm really curios to see what's going to happen to Leo.

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It's incredible to see that a subtoken of a Network is better valued than the main token of said Network. 🤭

It is strange how things work out, but there's a reason for everything. Maybe in the future Hive can get things going and catch Leo up as then that would be the best scenario as we are all doing well then.

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You get paid when you sell but you make money when you buy.

It is not easy to determine when to get into something. When buying, we always want lower prices. Sadly, sometimes things take off.

Is BTC a good buy at this point? If it goes to $50K, then it is a steal. On the other hand, if it goes to $10K, it is poor.

So it is hard to tell. That is why long term vision often an help us offset some of the risk.

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Is BTC a good buy at this point? If it goes to $50K, then it is a steal. On the other hand, if it goes to $10K, it is poor.

I'm always thinking of the Dutch guy who sold everything he owned (house, belongings) for BTC, when it was around $8200 if I'm not mistaken.

It's not an easy decision for sure and full of risks, but as you say, if it's long term, things change.

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He might have lost his wife through that but, if he is still hodling, he is far ahead of where he was. LOL

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Noooo, the family is together, they are on the road, with a crypto caravan, traveling the world publicizing crypto. They got their own show and are paid for it.

I was wondering if he was smart enough to buy his house (or any house) back after the last bull run. What would you have done in his place? Would you have bought the house back?

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Real estate is nowhere near as good an opportunity as Bitcoin.

At some point, you want to turn the profits into something more income based.

However, with interest rates what they are, finance the house, especially since there is TV money there.

Selling BTC, other than trading/profit taking, below $100K is insane.

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Many sold their homes when it was peaking the last time around and hot burnt. Even at $8200 the guy must have been a nervous wreck for the last year or so and who says he didn't sell for a loss. They say only invest what you can afford to lose.

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They say only invest what you can afford to lose.

I guess if you can afford to lose your house and live in a tent, then it is a worthwhile risk.

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Lol. I would if I didn't have a family. This will definitely pay off and the only thing is we don't know the time frames involved. Living in a hole I can do for a year or two but 10 years maybe not. Whatever we put in now I expect 10 or 100 x back at some point but it will be something worthwhile and it is not really a sacrifice as it is also fun.

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Well, call me old fashion but selling your home and gambling with it is not an option.

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Hi, Old Fasion.

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I believe at this point in time holding onto the tokens that you earn no matter what they stand for could pay off as things change quickly. I never sold my Leo airdrop and appreciate whatever anyone gives me. Just selling sometimes back fires as leo is a prime example.

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It depends on the person but if you're here to stay and not live off Hive/Leo, then holding is the right thing to do.

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Leesons gave been learned for any of the people that are still here after the last run. We have lived the highs and lows of the ath for bitcoin and what it brings.

Hopefully we can use that to do a lot better this time around and come out in a stronger position than the last time around.

Hive is my long term play and always has been. Everything else is for profit. As long as I can sell for more than I bought its a win. Even if that is a small margin I'll take it.

As I told mistakili a few days ago, that the tuition fee. One is always smarter after the event. Let's hope this time everyone is going to make smart decisions.

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That's the good thing about hanging through the tough times. We can take that experience and make the most of the good times when they come.