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RE: The Story Of 2021: Big Tech Flexing Its Muscle

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About a month ago I did a post on here about how 10 years of my work can disappear in a split second if Google decides it's best for them. This made me realize I need a smart solution and decided to move my blog content to Hive. This case that happened last week confirmed I'm right, not that it was necessary.

I know many crafters who are self employed and after all the markets have been cancelled, one after the other, these platforms are the only way to advertise and sell their products. Needless to say they can hardly make ends meet. Imagine taking these options away from them.

Hive needs development to give these people a home, a possibility to continue their businesses and this is just one single example.

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The line between social media/finance/business is fading.

Thus, when all your eggs are in the basket of centralized social media, you find that your financial existence is at their mercy too. The problem gets worse with their own tokens which puts the eradication of an account on a much different level. Suddenly not only is your work gone but literally their goes your money.

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Imagine what it would mean for them to have a place like Hive and for us to have these businesses on Hive. I know jongolson is working on something in this regard but don't know how far he is with the work. I hope it's going to happen soon as there's no other choice. I'd like to open my store on Hive as well.

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Yes CTP is trying to develop some tools that will help people. One is HivePay which is a replacement for PayPal. That is another platform that crushed businesses overnight. Jon had it happen to him when its terms of service were violated, although never explained, and his business fell off a cliff.

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Yes, I've read his sad story, another example how your whole life can be crashed and you have no say in it. Poor guy.
HivePay is a good option, but we also need a marketplace, as Esy is scalping sellers.

I wish devs can see the opportunities we have here. I'm going to be a dev in my next life.

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Why not start learning now? There's tons of free resources out there to learn the trade. I'm a self taught developer.

I'm pretty sure there is a marketplace front-end out there for Hive. I just forget the name of it.

I want to start working on a Hive dapp myself. I've been working on getting a proposal written to hopefully get a small amount of funding. I need to find some other people that would be interested in contributing too as doing it alone would be tough. That's what's holding me back at this moment.

Maybe if I were younger, that would be my target. Nothing is impossible but I now have other things in mind.

Anyway, good luck to you and I'd like to see you one day creating a dapp on Hive :)

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