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RE: Could Hive Revolutionize Marketing?

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Hive is forming a menu of social media tools. In addition to blogging there is video and soon microblogging. When these are combined, it is a powerful system for companies to use.

You brought up Tesla as an example, which is great. Tesla or any other company coming to Hive would boost our traffic and get us to another level.

However, I see small businesses joining Hive much sooner. Those who need exposure in order to survive. A decentralized, free platform like Hive could be a huge advantage for them and sooner or later we're going to see that happen. In time we're going to have all the features they need.

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Certainly the example of Tesla was not to imply that it was only for the big companies. In fact, you are correct, we could see small and medium sized companies excel with this format. The challenge is will they have enough people with crypto knowledge to make it beneficial.

With a large company, while only a few percent might understand it is enough to form a strong online community. The same is not true for a local small business.

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