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RE: Just got my 10K LEO back, cheers @Khal!

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I'm glad to see you've got your Leo back. This action restored the trust of those who doubted the platform, although they shouldn't have done that in the first place.

Apparently there had been some false claims made about lost LEO, so it took a while to sift through the data. I can only assume this was from people who aren't that active on the platform (or maybe just confused people?) otherwise why would you want to tarnish your reputation?

Why I am not surprised? There are greedy people who don't care about anything but themselves.

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I never doubted for a minute I'd get it back, I was starting to fret a bit over the timing though, still alls well that ends well.

It's also a wake up call that there are scammers here. And the more popular the place becomes, the more of them they'll be, we need to be alert, the cosy-cosy days could well be behind us!

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I know you never doubted you'd get it back as you've invested in it and that means trust. Only some milkers (the worst kind) did doubt it and Khal as well but those are done.
You're right, we have to keep our eyes open as Leo got a lot of attention lately, hackers and spammers are already looking for an opportunity.

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