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RE: LBI - Building the foundations with LeoPower

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Im guilty of a few but not repeatedly, I call them the cost of education.

I'd say paying the tuition fee.

By sticking to some basic rules, most people could avoid these pitfalls but most people are not very disciplined in asset management and hearts rule heads.

Greed is powerful.

I agree with you on concentrating on one thing and doing it well. This is an investment project, not a get rich quickly plan. I'm not worried at all. there will be airdrops and not just the one we already know. Great opportunities will arise for us.

Thanks for your effort, it is greatly appreciated.

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I had actually written a line about greed just after the part you have snipped and deleted it off so seeing you comment on it with "Greed is powerful" made me lol asi should have kept the line.

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Well, greed is part of human nature, so ....

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