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I've been tagged by @cryptoandcoffee in a challenge called Communities Brainstorming Challengein which @guiltyparties is asking us to list our top 3 improvement ideas for communities.


Setting up niche communities has been the best thing that could happen regarding organizing content on the blockchain. This measure will help us a lot on the long run, but only if those communities are managed properly. I'm going to keep this short so my suggestions to be clear and visible.

  1. Allow changing community after posting. I'm not a dev so I have no idea if this is possible or not but it would be a good idea. I'm not the only one who has forgotten to choose a community and has ended up posting on their own blog by mistake. We all know after posting you can't change communities. I'm well aware that changing communities after posting will result in losing the community tokens you can earn, but at least you can place your post where it belongs. This would take care of those posts that are misplaced intentionally and will permit keeping your community clean.

  2. Allow communities already created to choose a niche after creation. When communities started, we got a lot of general communities that had no specific theme, topic, niche, many of which were only created for the community owner to have the biggest crowd. Now that the blockchain is focusing on communities and OCD along with other curation accounts are focusing on curating niche communities, maybe worth allowing general communities to change focus and choose a niche. Instead of having a bunch of dead, abandoned communities, maybe they can salvage a few and keep their users.

  3. Allow posts to be organized in categories within a community. This would be helpful in a community like needlework, photography, ecotrain to give you a few examples. We're at the beginning and some communities like @needleworkmonday is still small, but I hope it's going to grow in time and then this feature will come in handy. Categories like sewing, crocheting, embroidery (to name a few) would be useful as not everyone is interested in sewing or embroidery and scrolling through hundreds of posts will be difficult. The same goes for photography, ecotrain and other niche communities that are focusing on more than one category.


If you'd like to share your ideas and participate, here are the guidelines:


  • Write a post listing your top 3 improvement ideas for communities
  • Tag 3 friends in your post who you want to challenge + copy these rules into your post
  • Come back here and link your post in the comments


  • Make sure that your ideas are clearly presented and easy to see in your post
  • Don't include random memes or irrelevant graphics as they distract from your ideas
  • You may write in any language you see fit; English is not mandatory (we can use Google translate to read)
  • If you don't come back to post your link in comments, we can't find it


I'm tagging the following people and ask to join the challenge:

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Thank you!

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