Let's Help Build A Decentralized Adaptable Smart Contract Platform

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Hive is a decentralized blockchain based platform, the best so far for many of us. However, not everything is decentralized on Hive. Hive Engine for example is not decentralized and we've had a lot of problems because of Hive Engine and Scotbot lately, especially Scotbot. It can be frustrated to wait till something is fixed and lose unique opportunities.


The best thing about this blockchain is that we own our account and can use our stake to decide what proposal get funded, so here's the chance to change what needs to be changed.

The absolute necessity of better solutions for Hive smart contracts can't be over stated enough. Recently Hive Engine lost more than $30,000 in a hack/credential misplacement. Tokens running on Hive Engine derive much of their value from the tokens stored in the swap account, meaning this one hack could have wiped millions of dollars out of the hive community.

Recently we've been working on a decentralized layer 2. During our test we've lost 0 Hive, and had more up time than Hive-Engine. Put forward in proposal 148 this open source protocol can be adapted for use by any token currently running Hive-Engine/Scotbot in under a day. source

This is proposal #152 put together by @disregardfiat, who's working on this multi-sig wallet with his team.

DAO controlled Multi-Sig Wallets for Improved DeFi

This is an open source protocol that can be adapted for use by any token currently running Hive-Engine/Scotbot in under a day.


The support level of the project is at 68% currently, and we need to get votes for the remaining 32%. If we really want a decentralized platform, we need to decentralize Hive Engine and Scotbot.

Use your stake to vote the proposal and check with your friends as well. We can do it.


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I think I already voted, have to go and check it again because I think this need to get support!

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Even better if you've already voted. Please spread the word so we can get this project funded :)

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Gonna do a reblog and try to spead it! :)

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Thanks for helping, I really appreciate it :)


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No problem! :)

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