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I've been using Leofinance for some time now and there's something I don't like, so today I'd like to make a suggestion. I don't know who's the dev behind @leofinance, so I'm tagging @khaleelkazi.

Right now the front page is divided in a few sections, we have

  • Curators Pick
  • Popular
  • Latest

Curators Pick is in the top, below which you can see Popular and Latest.

screenshot source

As you can see, Popular gets roughly 2/3 of the page width, while Latest only 1/3, like the latest posts wouldn't be so important. This is a bit frustrating as the Popular section isn't changing so fast, you see the same posts every day for a few days. What most of us are interested in is the new posts. New posts are just as important, so I believe a 50/50 space division would be much better.

The other thing I'd like to point out is the lack of details in the Latest section. There's no post date/time, details about upvotes, comments and the value of the post in LEO. Most likely this is due to lack of space, but this is only a guess. In order to see those details, you have to click See More New Posts.

The other suggestion is to implement an option that permits users to close/hide the Promoted post. After reading the post once, there's no point in seeing it every day till the promotion expires. No offense.

A mobile app would also be great which is probably planned already, or at least I hope it is.

pg divider206.png

Also, our friend @edje had a suggestion the other day here -> LEO DEX: BUG Report / Some Suggestions Included. I haven't seen a reply form anyone I know from Leo, so I'm mentioning the post here, just in case.

Thanks for reading my suggestion post.

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It will be party time when a mobile app is created. It will be a nice idea if it is consider of. A mobile app

It's going to happen at some point, sooner, rather than later, but right now they are focusing on wLeo and what comes with it I believe. It's just a matter of time, trust me.

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Yea you are right.

No harm in trusting though

I mean Ecency code is open source I’m sure it can be forked and fit to only leo so you don’t have to Dev all the features

It doesn't need to be Ecency, Leo is more than capable of implementing these changes to its existing structure. It needs to change the width of the , and set up the Latest column with the missing pieces.

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Great suggestions! And thanks for including my post as well :)

My pleasure, I hope they are going to consider it and we get some kind of feedback as well.

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