Leo Talk, A Microblogging Warm-up, Already Exists

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Today is a lucky day for me as I had time to engage on Leofinance and try out the new Leo Talk post, which is basically a warm-up to Microblogging, that is coming soon.


@leomarkettalk is launching a post every day, which can be used for microblogging. You can drop you link or idea in a comment, long or short, it's your decision. You can choose any topic you want and anyone can join, drop their 2 cents on the matter. It's interesting and never seen on here as usually every post has a topic and comments match the topic more or less.

Ever since Microblogging has been announced, I'm trying to imagine how it's going to be, what I'm going to write about, if I'm going to like it, or not. We know it's kind of like Twitter, but the truth is, I'm not very active on Twitter, except for sharing my posts daily and networking, shilling about my creative work on my other account.

Today I was in the right place the right time and spotted the post right after it was posted, so I thought let's try it out. My miniblog post was third at the posting time, but commenting on the other two and replying to comments took me an hour or so, an hour of fun with a few users and I didn't even realize how much time I spent with it.

It's quite amazing what's going on there and when you look at the numbers, it's even more amazing. At the moment of writing, the post has 56 comments in 3 hours and it's still early, half of the world didn't even have time to address the subjects yet as it's still early for them. If this is not success, then nothing is!

I had some interesting conversations, and the biggest gain is that I get a good idea to write about today. So I started writing and while writing I got another idea for a different post, I mean this one! So basically that hour of conversation and the smart partners I met there gave me two ideas for posting today, but this is not all.

I told @taskmaster4450 that this place is a goldmine when it comes to learning. There's an idea in every post, in every comment and if you're open minded, you can accumulate enough knowledge to help you earn a living on this platform one day.

A new dawn, a new day and I'm feeling good says Michael Bublé and that is true for me as well. Those days when you dropped a post, turn your back to the platform, then come back to collect your rewards are long gone. This is a new era, a new dawn in our life. Growing your account and stake means learning, posting, engaging, learning, posting, engaging, learning, posting, engaging, learning, posting, engaging, learning, posting, engaging.

This is just the beginning an endless cycle as well as you can never relax. There's always something new and the sooner you learn and adapt, the better for you.

A big thanks to @khaleelkazi and the dev team for the great work and for always giving us something new.

So do yourself a favor,follow @leomarkettalk and engage with the other users, drop your 2 cents on the topics you like. You won't regret it, I promise! Let's make this place the best.

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Oh. I cannot wait for the microbloging platform to be released. I am super excited. 😁

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Me too, especially because it's not just for finance related topics, you can post everything.

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Glad you made it in there and contributed.

Hope others follow your lead.

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I'm glad too and will do everything I can to invite others as well.

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Another newish thing that I try to wrap my head around.
Does this start around the same time every single day? If so, noon my time seems doable.
And is it merely about commenting randomly on the first topic suggested / dropped in the comment section?

Cheers for your answer and I hope to join in soonish :<)

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I don't know at what time the post comes out, but follow the account and you'll see.

You can comment on any topic you like, it's your choice. Plus you can drop in and out anytime you please 😉


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I don't know at what time the post comes out, but follow the account and you'll see.

Good to know. See you around :<)

I'm going to participate whenever I can 😉

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We are all waiting for this new platform, I am new to Leofinance but I see that most users are waiting for it.

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