Build Your Own Dreams, Or Someone Else Will Hire You To Build Theirs

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Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs — Farrah Gray

Right now, that's what is happening on other social media sites. They are hiring to build their dreams and plenty of people are working tirelessly on a daily bases, posting, engaging, hoping they can earn a penny or two, others for free as they don't know they can monetize their content, knowledge and time. If you need proof of that, I suggest you read two very explicit posts by two users who have experience in building other people's dreams trying to monetize their content:

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How I Started To Build My Dream

About three years ago I saw someone posting a photo on a social media site, about a camera they bought with Hive (Steem back then). It was an $8000 camera, which is remarkable, if you think of how they made those $8000. They said it costed 2000 Hive, as the price of Hive was $4 back then. It was an eye opener for me, so I created my account on Hive, hoping I can get a few cents while practicing my English, as earning big money wasn't my dream due to language difficulties.

Yesterday I published my story about how crypto and blockchain technology has impacted my financial life. This post comes after 2 years and 10 months, roughly 1030 days. This means showing up and working a couple of hours on the chain (posting, engaging, curating), every single day, even when I had very little or no time at all.

This morning I got a comment, that is very precious to me.


@tibaire wrote me in Spanish as most likely that's her mother tongue and the language she's most familiar with. Kind of recognize myself in her, back when I started and can understand how she feels and I'm very glad I could motivate her to continue. Maybe one day her story can motivate others to join us.

Yesterday I was mentioned by a friend of mine @bluemoon, who due to witnessing his friends posting in Leofinance, decided to join the community.

Leo is getting a lot of attention lately, I can easily say it's booming, because more and more users see the possibility in it, see a way of earning, the engagement is skyrocketing, compared to what's going on on Hive.


Entra Qui E Sogna (IT) - Enter Here And Dream (EN)

The door on the photo and the place in general look deserted and scary, but there's still an invite there, to enter and dream.

Hive and Leo is the place where you can enter, dream and make your dream come true.

The last two days we saw a lot of posts about how crypto and blockchain technology has impacted people financial life, and there's more to come, trust me. This is not some internet scam some platform has invented to get more people to subscribe, these are real stories. This is the proof that you can build your own dream when you quit working for free. If you still need proof, you can read this post to see you can put food on the table by doing what you like, here.

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People like success stories but unfortunately what's going on on usual social media platforms can't be believed anymore. Manipulation is reaching unseen levels, you can't be sure what they are showing you is true. People also like to be sure, not many are willing to take risks.

Blockchain technology has a huge advantage in this regard. It gives you the proof you need. Transparency is not an issue here, every post, comment, transaction is visible and traceable. Even if you delete something, that can be retrieved easily.

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If you're not registered yet on Hive, you may rethink how much time you're spending on social media sites and what advantages you have there. Then come look around on Hive. You'll see what I'm talking about.

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While I was writing this post, something amazing and funny happened. I got a comment from @filotasriza3.


See? That's what I'm talking about.

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First of all, thank you for calling me a friend! I'm very happy if you consider me that way. I like how you promote Hive, I hope there will come a time when there will be many here, when each post will have so many comments that it will be impossible to respond to all.
I don't understand the technical part, but in my opinion and experience as a web browser, it would be essential for the registration process to be much simpler. Plus marketing campaigns led by specialists.

Until then, you're right, if everyone would be able to register at least one new member, with an affiliate link and then deal with that newcomer for at least a year, guide him and help him with votes, even a small delegation. Maybe we're on a road to the future.

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Even though our path took a different direction lately, you're still my friend, I always consider you as one.

it would be essential for the registration process to be much simpler. Plus marketing campaigns led by specialists.

Leo is working on implementing registration with your twitter account. It's going to go live soon and after that, I don't see any impediment to do that for other platforms too.
Also -> LeoFinance Met With an AI Marketing Agency | Let's Discuss Why We Should Hire Them or Not

Things are moving forward with an amazing speed, we just have to have a little patience as they can't do everything at once. I believe Leo has the most development on the blockchain and this is just the beginning.

Maybe we're on a road to the future.

We're definitely on the right track.


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Ha, ha ... and I thought I'd remember that unfortunate incident when I could say we were upset with each other. I regret that incident and I am very happy that you passed it. I can say that you took a weight off my heart ...
What you tell me about Leo are very good news, a registration with the help of the Twitter account can be viral, if Twitter does not oppose it. I am convinced that those who develop this know the problem much better and all future obstacles are taken into account. Anyway, it's a great initiative.

If I would be upset about every unfortunate incident that I've been implicated in on here, I would be 6 feet under already :) Things happen and we move on, so no worries.

if Twitter does not oppose it.

Twitter has no business with tit and definitely no say in this. Devs are going to implement the option of logging in with your Twitter handle and that's all. Your wallet and keys will be created once you log in but to access your wallet, you'll need to log in to Leo. (I truly hope I'm not mistaken)
The main reason to implement this is for users to be able to comment on posts without being forced to create an account the usual way. I'm pretty sure once they see there's good content her, they would want to login and participate.

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That means being wise.
Yes, I understand what you are saying about Twitter. Very good, very good that something is being done in this direction. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case with Hive.

Thank you for the remarks!

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They said it costed 2000 Hive, as the price of Hive was $4 back then.

Hopefully we will get there and even cross it in the next few months. And Leo definitely is ahead of hive - a classic example of a Dapp being more success than the parent chain that will inspire other app developers.

We will definitely get there, but not in the next few months in my opinion. Leo is leading and definitely showing the way. There's a good reason for which Leo is more successful, but no worries, I hope others are following the good example.

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Building it every single day! One day at a time, one step closer to your goals! Peace and productivity!

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Smart words!

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