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Welcome to our Curation Report #15. Once again contributing to the LEOFINANCE ecosystem, we would like to highlight the authors of September 20th, in order to highlight those incredible articles from the financial world that create in the great community of "Leofinance". In addition to this, we want to encourage all those market analysts, investors and writers to join this community and make it grow.

How to use the "Leofinance" label?


Leofinance is a community destined to share content and knowledge referring to what is the Investment, nevertheless, although it is seen in the first instance like a limited niche, in fact it is not, since, the investment, the economy, the finances move in our daily life, that is to say, that they are part of our life since we have practically use of reason or at least control of expenses. When, for example, our parents gave us money to go to school and we had to manage and even save it.

With this, the project @erarium wants to transmit to you that this label has a very wide spectrum for your use, because we could be talking for example about an own enterprise referring to the culinary art, but for every enterprise or the beginning of a business, this one needs "Investment", so, even if the niche is of food, it is also related to investment, since this one is necessary to materialize the same one, this way it would qualify perfectly for the label, as long as they relate the above mentioned topic with Investments.

Some topics you could use:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain (Investment related)
  • Investments (In any subject, but aimed at investment in a general way)
  • Technical Analysis
  • Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Savings
  • Enterprises
  • Topics related to "Finance or Economics

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We would like to invite you to join the great community of Leofinance, which focuses directly on the area related to Investments in general, besides being in line with our mission and objectives according to our relationship and execution with the financial management and Trading.

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Curing Report


These are the highlights of September 20th:

Tik Tok and Wechat banned from the United States / Tik Tok y Wechat baneados de Estados Unidos
295% APY Returns With Sun Yield Farming
How Uniswap Will Impact Hive-Engine Trading
Is it worth investing in LEOM?
How to Get Rich Rewarding Others on Hive While Ignoring DeFi
The Importance Of Moonshots
Robert Kiyosaki Just Did A 180...Not Exactly
What's up with Hive token price?
RSR (Reserve Rights) with 6H PG and breakout

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Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

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