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RE: Facebook to charge if you don't give them your data

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If Facebook starts charging its users, there will be an exodus of folks from Facebook leave.


I think a lot of people will "rage quit", but eventually go back after half the people they know just pony up the $2 a month or whatever to avoid having to look for something new. However, a lot of people probably will look elsewhere. Hopefully they find something better.

That's true... I think many would prefer to pay just to avoid that hassle.

As for those who eventually quit, I hope they come to the decentralized world, or they would be risking just trading an evil thing for another.

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Honestly, I think it’s worse than that. I was driven away from FB due to a temp ban for too many friend requests. I felt it was FB’s lazy response to lazy parents who didn’t want to be bothered by monitoring their kids’ online activities. My reasoning is pretty much summarized in the example of a parent messaging me to inquire why I was friend requesting an 8 yr old or something (who according to TOS at the time shouldn’t have even had an account. I never checked who I was friending. It was just an outlet to spread news (and sadly propaganda in hindsight). If I got a “you might know based on being friends with...” I just clicked and moved on.

In hindsight I can see that as mildly problematic just from an etiquette point of view, but I was still in the honeymoon phase, so to speak, and trying to maximize exposure to serious social issues (mostly cannabis/police reform). Getting banned for exercising an option they put in front of me just rubbed me all kinds of the wrong way. Factor in FB only selectively enforces ToS and it was enough to send me looking elsewhere. I found Steem and it aligned with my interest in crypto so it was an easy sell for me, despite it being a shithole right up until The Forkening.

The point is I had legit incentive to bail, and lucked up. There were “Goldilocks conditions” that got me here. I think most people settle for too cold, not realizing (or even caring) just right is within reach. It’s just too much effort on their part, just as it was too much effort for that parent to monitor their kid. It was easier to let them run amuck then bitch at playground management when the kid got too close to the bigger rides. I equate it to this analogy: I’m an adult. I go to a bar that scans id to ensure only adults are present. I buy someone a drink but it turns out she’s only 20 (legal drinking age is 21). I get charged for contributing alcohol to someone under the legal age. Not cool. I trusted the system. The system failed. I’m held accountable. I call bullshit. I gotta stop rambling now and get ready for work. Thanks for letting me rant. 😊

Thanks for letting me rant.

No worries! It was quite a good point you raised... I've never been a heavy user of Facebook so I didn't think about it in that level of detail but you are right. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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