English Idioms About Making Money

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In order to communicate about a topic, you must learn words and phrases related to that topic.

In this post, we will discuss five common English idioms that focus on the idea of making money.

English Idioms About Making Money

An idiom is a common phrase (or group of words) that has a special meaning that cannot be determined by the meaning of the individual words.

a quick buck

  • definition - money which was easy to make
  • example sentences
    • Samantha has always been a great swimmer. During the summer, she works as a lifeguard to earn a quick buck.
    • Some people think it is easy to make a quick buck online, but it still takes time and effort.

cash cow

  • definition - a business, investment, or a product that generates a stable flow of income or profit
  • example sentences
    • Brad was able to retire after his invention proved to be a cash cow.
    • The businesswoman was able to launch her startup from the profits she earned from her cash cow.

money doesn’t grow on trees

  • definition - money isn’t easy to gain or earn
  • example sentences
    • The young man realized that money doesn't grow on trees. He worked many long hours to save up for his dream vacation.
    • Since money does not grow on trees, we need to do a better job following our budget.

to earn a living

  • definition - to make enough money to support oneself
  • example sentences
    • While attending university, Jennifer worked as a waitress to earn a living.
    • Many people focus on earning a living and forget about developing other streams of income.

to hit pay dirt

  • definition - to discover a source of income or success
  • example sentences
    • Although Fred has lost a lot of money, he hit pay dirt on his last penny stock investment.
    • Everyone who invested right after the stock market crash hit pay dirt. The Dow is up 100% since the beginning of the year.

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