Shitcoins Today: Issue #1

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         Centralized shitcoins, we all have them. We all have varying degree of love for them. One thing is certain though, you are all in it to dump them when they become hot later. I don't blame you, who else bought some for the sake of upvoting stuff?

         What are some of the hottest shitcoins tribe tokens on Hive Engine right now? Here are some of my suggestions.

*Not financial advice

1. STEMGeeks

         It's a tribe about STEM topics, as the name suggests. No, it's not run by the people at @steemstem, or @stemsocial. But, plenty of people participating in StemSocial receive them as rewards. The tribe aims to have a more casual feel, but well-researched articles are welcome.

         I am biased because I am one of the curators of the tribe. I'm not the most engaging type as I only have limited knowledge within my field of study. I do, however, seek out posts myself or curated by others.

         The tribe has a strict no exploit/abuse policy. It's the fast track to end up on the blacklist if found out. And yes, you can mine this token.

         All posts made from the STEMGeeks frontend will show up on its respective community.

         Find out more at the tribe's Discord.

2. LeoFinance

         This is the most successful tribe by far. It's got a unique dashboard, price feeds, and more! If you thought Hive Engine was the only place for you to trade your tokens, well, LeoDex is another option. You have to go see it for yourself.

         The one thing I have to point out is the LeoPedia, which is a work in progress. It'll be like Wikipedia, but for crypto.

         You'd have to visit their Discord to learn more about the details.

         Like STEMGeeks, posting from the LeoFinance frontend will post to their community as well.

3. NeoxianCity

         Are you tired of seeing the same authors over and over on Hive? NeoxianCity takes you to a place where the people you see are literally different. I don't mean that in a bad way. I meant it as a change of scenary.

         The tribe is also very active on Discord. Participants in the tribe have the opportunities to magnify their citizenship. Of course, those who do a good job receive perks and compensations for their efforts.

         Like the above examples, they have both frontend and community, The City of Neoxian.


         One of the nice things about communities and tribes is that owners and mods can uphold order.

         Sometimes, you may notice odd small downvotes on your posts. They don't affect your HIVE rewards, but may leave you feel confused. The simple explanation is that they are removing certain tribe rewards.

         For example, the STEMGeeks tribe "listens" for tags science, technology, engineering, and math. Sometimes, your publication may not fit what the tribe is looking for. I ask you to not take it as a personal attack.

         Due to limitation on how rewards distribution work, downvotes happen. In order to minimize reward loss, usually accounts with small HP, but large tribe stake do the deeds.

         Worst case scenario, the tribes can mute you like they mute you from their community. A muted account can no longer earn tribe rewards. Don't do dumb things and you'll be fine.

Maximize Your Stake

         Many people who partake in tribe tokens have alts they delegate to to do the voting. This is part of maximizing your stake. You can choose to do so, or make it easier on yourself by not caring.

         There are certain tribe tokens that I have alts dedicated to voting. Then, the rest of them I keep staked on my main account. Find out what works for you and how greedy you are.

         Now, go get yourself some shitcoins.

Disclaimer: the author holds all Hive Engine assets described in this post.

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I feel the same way about all of these like I do with my EOS airdrop tokens that are worth pretty much nothing now. There are a couple that have risen above and are actually giving back some value, but they are few and far between.

All those weird random drops on EOS seem like digital waste.

"Fake smts"..lel

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I mean, I'm not wrong.

Thank you for this simple explanation.

Kind of. lol

Wait a minute?? You forgot to mention Geek tokens 🤣🤣

Next time.

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

Un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di BEER 🍻 da @amico!

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