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RE: Serious Question : Did anyone in our community try to talk to Charles Hoskinson about possible $HIVE & $ADA partnership?

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Did you really think he'd want to after what happened to Cryptofinally?


I'm talking about Charles Hoskinson & ADA community.

I personally have nothing against CryptoFinally and I also invited back to HIVE via Twitter last week.

Decentralised community is complex and we must try to do our best to build a decentralised economy & media. So ADA and HIVE community should collaborate.

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I'm talking about Charles Hoskinson & ADA community.

And I’m talking about the Rachel that seems to hang out with Charles according to some pictures floating about.

Do you still not get the picture to why maybe Hoskinson dropped the idea?

Even before Charles mentioning HIVE, I for one always looking for people & projects HIVE could collaborate with

And most of our community members have very little connection with the wider crypto world and even one who have connections have their own set of priorities.

Dan Larimar coming back to HIVE would be ideal for our community. However HIVE needs to build bridges with other Crypto communities. If you know any potential partnsership (other than ADA) that take HIVE to the next lever then please let me know.

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