[Steem Power-Down Day] Liberation Sunday - feedback needed

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Sundays have become for me like a little ''liberation day''. Why? Simple.

My STEEM gets available every Sunday at ~23:30 aprox. And it isn't a bad chunk! ~950 STEEM between my 2 accounts ( @thexbttrader & @empoderat). Still 3 powerdowns to go (after today).

Talking about Steem... what a disaster! The sites/nodes are crashing constantly and can't even check my stats properly (''error retrieving data from rpc nodes'' keeps showing up).

Plus.. the 'trending'...


I don't have anything against corean/chinese, but it's strange to feel how that place has changed in such a short timespan. You can feel lucky if you manage to see 2-3 in english in succession.

To the point:


this afternoon I'm receiving fresh STEEM ready to be dumped and I don't know exactly what I should be buying...

More HIVE?
LEO? (from LeoFinance)
Another 'alt'? (What are your personal picks besides HIVE?)

I'm a bit biased towards the LEO token (I'm closer of reaching that magic number which represents ~1% of the circulating supply). But 'greedy holders' don't let me to accumulate more without moving the price.

Is this how whales feel?

greesy holders.png

Dumping at 'market' rates ~500 HIVE is enough to increase prices in a ~30% or more for the LEO market (Yes, it was me the one buying aggressively a couple of days ago).

Let's see what I decide in a few hours.
Thanks for reading!


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I would keep it in BTC shape for some days waiting for a good entry on HIVE, which is going downwards rapidly, then I would buy both, HIVE and LEO

Finally loaded on HIVE this morning... I'm feeling comfortable at this 0,3$ area.

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My powered down Steem gets to my hands on Fridays but I haven't invested it in other cryptos yet. I'm simply cashing out and happy about that. I hope one day to be able to power up HIVE and at least become a dolphin but for the moment my finances don't allow that thus I have to pay the bills and cash out to do that. I'm happy though that I have these accounts at hand during these rough times.

One step every time buddy. Don't put yourself pressure in terms of investing, it's also important to pay yourself from time to time :)

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