Showing some LEO love - Somebody want to fill me?

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With all the Hive fork drama since mid february, many people around here forgot about tribes & focused on protecting the main chain while the hostilities were kicking our front door.



All tribes suffered, but the value proposition are still here and without a doubt, we can say without much hesitation that Leofinance it's the reference for most of the others. I won't hide that's my favourite tribe by far and the only one besides Neoxian that I'm stacking.

Now with the full migration into Hive complete, holders can breathe as they're not longer under the risk of Justin Sun freezing assets on the Steem database.

~75% of supply stacked, a ridiculous token supply of ~4M, a even more ridiculous valuation of 0,011$ at ask price (~50K mcap) and a core group of supporters is what I like the most. Not to mention that the finance topic is my favourite.

There's no sellers at the moment as there's only a group of core hodlers & believers who bought they sh*t freely, no ICO, presales or other potentially shady schemes.

Yesterday I found this post from @steem.leo and noticed that my brave shields were up. I corrected that immediately. Obviously it's in my best interest to help the LEO economy.

If you're using actively Leofinance I encourage you to do the same; just search for the little brave icon at the right of your search bar:


and turn your shields down...

shields down.png

And that's it! Now your activity in the site is helping to strengthen the LEO token economy, as all the revenue generated is used to burn tokens from the open market.

I have to remember to post the finance related content from the Leofinance interface. You should be doing it, too. I'll be the first one to drop some upvotes If I like your content ;)


Anyone to fill my orders...?

I've also decided to use my last down-powered steem (~1000 tokens roughly) to purchase some HIVE & set up a decent buy wall at the LEO market.


Yap, it's me.

I want to be a whale here, can somebody help me to reach +30.000 LEO status or are you going to force me to increase the price?

C'mon, dump to me something..

As always, thanks for reading!


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Patience. There are a number who receive LEO tokens each week via posting who have no interest in holding the token.

I have bought near 80,000 LEO over the few couple months, something that took some time.

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If it was a smaller amount I woulld be market buying in small chunks... but with those numbers I can't market buy without moving the price up a lot. Not in my interest to accumulate. I'll try to be patient with that one.

Thanks for stopping by!

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One thing that might be helpful, please tell me why you are so optimistic about Neoxian. What makes you think that community is going to excel above what you wrote here.

An answer in a comment of even as a blog post on here, a NEOXAG review if you will, would be of great assistance.

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Maybe I haven't expressed myself correctly.

I'm stacking the NEOXAG rewards that I'm generating with my posts but I'm not using fresh money to purchase the token. I tried in the past to delegate to spinvest-neo to generate some SPI tokens passively, but I stopped with the fork drama a few months ago.

The long powerdown requirement stopped me (for now) from selling the token but that's all. IMO LEO is x100 times better in all the fronts.

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Thanks for the reply @empoderat.

It is always helpful when people are optimistic about a particular token to find out why they are, especially when it comes to Hive.

I am also extremely optimistic about LEO.

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As you said in your last post HIVE is still like a microcosmos in a vast universe.

I like LEO & the LeoFinance tribe because it's a straightforward coin in the sense that has a very defined usecase:

  • Let's talk about finance, reward engagement & reward valuable discussions with a tokenized model. You prove to be a valuable member of the community? You get a louder voice.

At this point I look at Leofinance like a small startup. We're like a group of passionate friends joining to create a community.

Then we start atracting talented individuals & groups, more traffic & attention to our beloved site hosted in the Hive chain.

One day we wake up like a competition of the financial section of reddit, seeking alpha or

Leofinance mcap is around ~50K at the moment. A grain of sand of a almost infinite coast.

Just realized that ~40K LEO tokens represents a mere ~1% of the supply and I would like to acquire that amount.

Have a nice day.

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