Just opened a website, wish me luck! I'll put the hard work in.

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As I mentioned several times in my last posts, this quarantine have been dealing with a lot of people asking me about Bitcoin & other related finance stuff.

I gave it a few deep thoughts, like for example 'It is really necessary?' or 'what I want to offer/talk about?'


But whatever, I'm trying anyway.

Opened like a half-dozen websites the last years, most of the time like experiments without a fixed idea, sites that I ended abandoning because I didn't have a 'real' focus and I was 'just' trying things. At least I learned something valuable!

I opened wealthpowertime.com thinking about a way to help closer people (& anyone who shows interest) regarding those financial themes & more concretely how to address Bitcoin & crypto in a 'secure' way.


I chose the name 'Wealth-Power-Time' because I'm obsessed with the idea of 'passive-income sources & compounding interest'. I think that If we leverage this wealth generators early, we can unlock a lot of personal empowerment and time of our lives.

Ultimately I'm planning about a 'consultancy/advisory' service & writing ebook/s.

I'm currently setting up the website & preparing the different sections. SEO, design, those tricky things. Writing the first posts. I planned about cross-posting my content through HIVE, using peakd/leofinance & twitter as promotion tools for all my content.

Also thinking a lot about twitter, Because as time passes I'm more interested in affiliate marketing.

Lots of things to think about, I'll keep you updated.

In case you didn't checked the link that I wrote before, here it is.

>>> wealthpowertime

If you can provide some feedback It will be highly appreciated.

Don't need to say that I'm going to deliver some upvotes in exchange of feedback. Let me know! I'm all ears (or eyes!).


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You have big plans it seems, and sorted out quite well. I guess that involves a lot of work as well but, when you do something with passion you can't call it work any longer. Good luck!

It's like... I started learned random things since a long ago, and now every piece come along and fits with each other in a almost magical way. I assure, it wasn't something intended!

You're true, it involves a lot of work. The cool part is that once all is setup it works for you indefinitely in a semi-passively way (still need to perfect a lot of things!).

I'll keep updating about my progress. Hive helps me to keep on track.

Have a good day & thanks :)

Great idea
I favicon on the website looks like wordpress.
Are you hosting it or is wordpress?
There is a plugin to send your post to your blog and to the hive blog if that is something you would like.
Give some thought to a gift you can giveaway in exchange for an email address

Yep, It's a wordpress hosted in paid servers.

Worpress it's great for non coders as it's very functional, but still has some limitations. It satisfies all my needs at the moment so no problem here.

I heard about that plugin but I prefer to do it manually, I don't like to 'copy&paste' content.

I didn't started with any email-marketing service yet as I'm still building the foundation. I prefer to do things one by one to avoid overwhelming myself. But I'll keep it in mind :)

Thank you so much for the input!