[HIVE/BTC] - We're exiting accumulation phase?

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Phew! Some weeks have passed since my last TA on the HIVE/BTC pair!


As I said in my last TA, a MACD crossover we're going to happen (and it happened!), but somebody noticed?

Yep, traders at hive love to bore the masses.
The price crawled down to as low as 0,23$ cents after a very long correction after reaching almost the ~1$ mark. Damn, it's a ~75% correction.

If we're not ready for some bullish action I don't know what else we need!

We could be exiting an accumulation range. Do you see how the long term EMA's 'hold' the price?


Notice also how the 55 EMA cold have turned into support, now we're testing the big one (the 200 EMA trendline).

We're going to see another fake-out? Or a 'f*ck the bears' event?

What's your take? :)
Let's sit back, relax and enjoy the (upcoming?) alt-season.


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I hope it's fuck the bears, and been waiting for that alt season for so long but, I don't feel anything major will happen until the world governments give the go with this corona shit. The psychology is still affected by uncertainty and restrictions.

Hi Adrian, nice to hear from you :)

I definitively agree that all this corona shit is a big mess, but IMO cryptocurrency is fairly uncorrelated yet to the world in that sense.

Let's see how it goes..

IMO, everything is on BTC hands now. What is amazing is that HIVE is growing when BTC next short term move seems downwards.
This is a good signal for sure.

As you said...

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