[HIVE/BTC] - Want to buy cheap HIVE? Bore the existing traders/holders.

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Yeah, I didn't remember this feeling but... as I was talking with @resiliencia yesterday, the strategy to 'force' HIVE holders/traders to sell is to bore them.

I stated ~10 days ago (thinking about my analysis from ~20 days ago) that I was expecting some KIND of reaction around the 0,786 fibonacci level & a MACD crossover around the 19-20th May.

Ofc, If I'm pissed of is because NOTHING happened.


No buyers, no sellers... all the FOMO & hype from the Huobi & Binance listing days disappeared and now seems that people on the sidelines are trying to kill us from boredom. (At least we have the STEEM drama, though..pitiful & incompetent people at our 'sister' chain database)

Didn't remember how Steem was always lagging compared with other cryptocurrencies in terms of run ups. I guess that the programmatic selling from Steemit (800K steem tokens/month if I remember) did loads to suppress the price.

I can't hide that I'm curious to see Hive performing in the next bull market. It would be awesome to recover the 1$/HIVE level (well, not 'recover' as we're a new coin, but you understand).

Pd. today we have a meetup! (the catalan community), come with us at 22:00 pm!

Pd2. Happy Bitcoin Pizza day!

Thanks for reading!


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Funny about STEEM that Binance, Probit and Bittrex have deposits and withdrawals suspended. I guess it's some sort of strategy to stop the price from tanking.

Probably they're still 'deciding' how to proceed...Poor Bittrex, what a mess for them. Anyway, we can still sell our steem through steem-engine.

Hope you have a good weekend Adrian :)

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I never used steem-engine. Don't even know how to use it :)
Have a nice weekend as well!

Oh, and you would be willing to learn?

You're missing a few cool things, including the ability to sell your steem for hive directly & leofinance.

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You know what I found right now... I can sell STEEM directly from my wallet through Poloniex.

I also noticed! BTC & USDT pairs there. But don't let the funds much time there 😒

I'll let them for about two minutes :)). Sad about Poloniex. My first exchange, the one where I lost a lot of money and saw BTC fall from 20,000 to 12,000 and so on...

I would love 1$ HIVE! 🙂

Where we can firm?

Ps. Are you joining the meetup?¿ :O

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Yes but I dont know how!