[BTC/USD] - Then... no 'post-halving' dump?

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I confess that I have been paying attention to the BTC/USD price all the week with relative insecurity, as theoretically we didn't have any notorius dump after the halving event like a lot of people expected, instead, the price has been steadily climbing.


The 55 EMA has been holding like a champion honestly I'm neither bullish or bearish at short timeframes. Everything can happen in a blink of a eye.

In these kind of situations I like to zoom out...
long term viewbtc.png

And wow! As the price draws their path we discover new things.

I find it very difficult to draw a single diagonal resistance line,for that reason decided to go with a rotated rectangle.

We've been in a massive triangle for almost ~900 days (since the last top) and we have a 'massive' resistance zone which have been holding us back every time the bulls dared to defy it.

Could be this time be the time? Or we should expect another dump?

''Last time to buy under 10K$ or not?''.

Ps. I'm already the proud owner of 40K LEO :)

Thanks for reading!


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Crossing fingers

Everything will be alright, sooner or later ... Now I'm shocked with the coming fork of steem. Did you see it?

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Si ho he vist, era d'esperar

The massive triangle resistance will be broken. Why? Because I say so, and there's no TA to back me up. I was expecting a dump as well from the small miners but they have probably done that already and now it's just the game of the big players and strong hodlers. interesting times ahead and hopefully a great bull market. ONe that I would be part of right from the beginning. I deserve it after the bear market. We're not clear yet though, says the small voice of reason.

''Because I say so''

very strong statement here ;)
I agree with you in the sense that is very interesting to be present at the beginning of the bull market.

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