Another (coming) buying spree in exchange of ~1% of the LEO supply.

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The LEO orderbook has been in my mind the last few days. As I stated yesterday I was thinking seriously about using my freshly unlocked STEEM to load up on more LEO.



The fact is, If I'm able to load (at least) ~8000 LEO tokens I'll reach the psychological milestone of 40.000 LEO Power, which would put me in the top #20 holders of LEO & in hands of around ~1% of the current circulating supply.

This itself doesn't mean nothing, as we're talking about 'magical' numbers here. Obviously I want to see LeoFinance succeeding & for that reason I put my money where my mouth is.


The liquidity is painful. I can't load up 'properly' without moving the price up a lot. If someone wants to get rid of some of their LEO tokens fast enough now you have a pretty buy wall.

Don't tease me much, lovely seller.

Some MoonLEO numbers

Current mcap: ~80K (based on 0,06 HIVE/LEO price; roughly 0,02$/LEO)
Current supply: ~4,140,000 LEO (~82% staked)

Only 10K LEO's up to 0,2 HIVE/LEO (~600$ taking 0,2 as a reference).

The liquidity is a joke and if for whatever valid reason a few buyers rush into the market they'll see that they don't have a chance to buy without pushing the price a LOT, as there a lot of strong hands into the core community members.

Let's see how it goes. Wish me luck and/or sell me your LEO.

Thanks for reading.


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So it's you that's ruined my small, value price buying strategy haha.

I suppose I can't remain one of the only ones that see the potential we have here in the LEO community.

Keep chipping away!

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We shouldn't forget that LEO is a high risk bet... In case it fails we (the biggest holders) won't even be able to unload but if gains some traction it could be huge in terms of ROI for early adopters.

We don't need that much really... A bit more traffic, more users, more LEO at @null... and (possibly) a 'moderate' bull market with some fresh money coming in.

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All you state here is true. The true amount of token that are out there is very tight. There was a burn last week of 200K LEO which pulled the total down.

When something is this tightly wound, it is ready to explode. The question is when the development garners the attention of some buyers that provide the springboard you mentioned.

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Yep, I just noticed.

Anyway I think that would be nice to have a updated 'whitepaper' or 'roadmap' as I was trying to find the initial numbers of LEO the other day (as it was released, coupled with the PAL airdrop).

I'll try to contact @khaleelkazi through discord if he don't show up here.

Yeah it is hard since there is a lot of projects tied to Leofinance all taking place at once. THey are doing a good job of putting out updates to the ecosystem.

That is why I am so excited about LEO. Keep pushing forward in building and growing.

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Good bet here, well done!

Let's hope it plays out well in the coming months :) Thanks for your support eddie :)

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update 1/



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