Why Hodl's so Much LEO and Not Touch a Live: Still on Project Feed the Poor.

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I don't know what else to write about in this season than to continue begging for your support to feed a family this Christmas.

We are gradually approaching the season were love is shared and faces are always filled with broad smiles as everyone is happy with themselves and others meanwhile there are many people who don't have or even feel the same thing we feel during Christmas. Every human deserves an equal opportunity in life and if LEO can't make that happen then it's not good

In my observation, I have come to discover that the world is one hell of a place with people who are so self engrossed and self seeking thereby living their lives totally as a no man's business.

LEO Will Put Smiles on faces

I will not be much of a very happy person if the LEOFINANCE community will not help me put food on a family's table this coming Christmas. The bulling on leofinance within this few days has given me so much confidence that project feed a home will be fruitful.

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The Holiday's are for gift giving not gift receiving. My wife and I volunteer at the food bank most years, unfortunately with COVID we won't be able to do that this year.

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