Live Outside Leofinance seems actually very Unlively

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Hi everyone, I bring you greetings. I've been out for the past six days and it looks already like i have been out for decades i just couldn't stop thinking about my us here and how much i have missed in the past six days. Well it feels so good to be back here again.

This particular post is inspired by my experience outside the blockchain sphere for the past six days. Well by this time, everyone here must have known that i am a Decorator and Event Planner based in Nigeria.

Now bloggers wouldn't understand why I said I missed this place, well if you care to know. On Wednesday, I was invited over to my boss' house and going there got me so excited but when I arrived I was informed that we were traveling to a remote village where we were to fix up a funeral home for a client still I was excited because I will get some cash to fix up myself after the job. Should i say unfortunately after the whole job I left with nothing only to be told that he hasn't been paid by his client either.

Well I wouldn't even blame him or his client because the world-wide devastating pandemic has so much impacted in a negative way on the economy so much so that it is seemingly difficult for clients to pay for a service rendered. Lives and nations at large has also been affected greatly and thus calls on a clear view in the revenue as expenditures over this period has been on the rise.

It is quite unfortunate that in this kind of situation, nobody really cares, yet, many productive people are becoming thugs for politicians causing troubles just to help this so called politicians extent frontiers of their empire and get peanuts at the end some are given huge sums to abuse political rivals on social media.

Change begins when people choose to do things that is outside the norm and that is one of the reason why I began engaging blockchain. Perhaps many people are not grateful for what Leofinance does to their content every time they create a content maybe because they haven't experienced life outside here so they think it is their right to get an upvote from every single post they make. I no longer have a mixed feelings anymore as regarding whether or not one can earn a livelihood on leofinance because of my experience so far here. It is a vital issue stating clearly if we are just socializing or there is a value here on Leofinance.

Judging from my little engagement here in this few days, I have realized a total of 200 HIVE or more as my LP is a little proof. I have never been disappointed in my life as i was yesterday after two very stressful days. I have never had a day go unfruitful since I began my engagement on the Leofinance.


When hopes are deferred, the heart grows cold and that was my reality as at yesterday cause I had already drawn up a budget for myself and part of the budget was to purchase extra LEO with. It is quite interesting to be back home and I am happy to see that things are going quite smoothly here and even came back to meet a great contest here. Hope to make my submission for the contest soon.

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