LEO Bullish: A Blessing or a Curse

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I must say that I haven't been impressed with blockchain as I was a few day ago when I got the news that LEO is bulling and that 1LEO at the time of the release had proudly went for 2.7 HIVE or there about but then the excitement came to an abrupt end yesterday while I was trying to make a transaction so I could get Fiat for my internet bills. It was quite shocking to hear that in just a matter of hour's,1LEO that stylishly went for 2HIVE had so drastically fallen back to 1 and half HIVE.

Financial experts says that the more you engage the money, the more value that is added to the the money. Well we have seen how that concept has played out to the deteriment of our noble LEO. Everyone needs a double value for their but then it is really a great wisdom for one to hodls his money for a time of drought. For a growing coin like LEO I personally think that we need more holders and not trades because the concept of increasing currency value differs in terms of money.

Why I would Recommend No trading of LEO for the time Being

When the liquidity of a particular token is high, the token gets to drop in value because buyers will always go for the cheapest and who wouldn't do that..

As at the time BTC was bulling, holders where not really in a haste to trade the token because they had a greater sense of expectation that thit will bull some day and now according to my friend that before now BTC was your pizza money with friends but now one BTC would proudly buy the entire pizza factory with some leftover in your wallet.

Now while we celebrate bulling at anytime, it is necessary we sit and consider the after effects of the bulling on the value of the token. Bulling are not bad but it is the attitude of token holders towards bulling that is. If we continue trading LEO the way we are doing, years to come LEO might not grow in value as BTC or even ETH.

It isn't enough that LEO now affiliate with ETH, the best would be that we build a community of visionary token holders that believes in the prospect of the token they are handling to grow as others.

I was informed yesterday by LeoDex.io that the number of people selling LEO was much more than the number of those buying LEO and that is definitely not the best for us at this time.

Let's learn from other blockchain. Since blurt blockchain forked out of steem, I doubt if there have been increased transactions as we have here on leofinance and the things is that the token is drastically growing in value daily and this is not because it is not one of the viral tokens around but because it is looking at building a token with high worth in future.

Hold your LEO today because that 100 LEO today could become like 100 BTC tomorrow.

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Let them sell. I'm buying. If HIVE got to almost a buck, don't see why LEO won't.

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I sense danger coming cause this might be quite detrimental to LEO

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