A way to "reward" older, but still valuable posts...

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The current system works in a way that the posts you make live and are pretty visible for a week and then they stop giving you any rewards altogether. We can't really change this fact because it's possible to perform only one upvote per post and that's totally fine, but listen.

I will again talk about one of the biggest differences between HIVE and LeoFinance - an attitude to adverts and advertising. HIVE doesn't have any adverts on its site in comparison to LeoFinance that actually has advertisers.

It's so weird because if you check Youtube for example there are so many old videos that are still being watched because even after so many years they bring value, entertainment and other things.

If some of the posts here are full of valuable information that people can find interesting even after one week of post's life and can deliver real clicks to this platform, shouldn't the users that made those posts be rewarded for it?

Wouldn't it be cool if some small amount of advertising revenue was in the future shared with the content creators that have older posts that still bring value to the platform and have bigger reach even after the post-payout? Is it possible to track these things or would it be abused just too easily?

What do you think?

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Actually it is one of the aspects that discourage me a little bit, as one text produced or any material produced, I think it should have some value after time. Of course it depends on the quality. But as the public here is kind of ephemeral readers, just because your text will be rewarded only by a week, I think only some convinced users on the technology decided to continue. It is very slow the grow up of your HIVE account.
Anyway, maybe in the future things will change...

Thanks for the reply!

You are welcome!