We can actually add WHIVE to Coingecko!

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This maybe doesn't feel like a big deal right now because people already know about HIVE, but let me explain.

When HIVE will finally have SMTs then all these Hive-Engine tokens will actually start "existing" on the blockchain. This means that they could be wrapped and be transfered to the Ethereum blockchain and Uniswap.

Coingecko has listing requirements that are kind of weird, but it's a very popular site. They somehow only need the tokens to be on Uniswap and after that the tokens are already eligible for a listing on Coingecko.

We could later potentially wrap all the Hive-Engine tokens and show the world that HIVE is more than just a simple social media platform, but also a good blockchain to create and build your tokens on. It's also good advertising for HIVE!

What do you think?
Could this work?

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I think all the ETH Dapps should wrap in HIVE. Why would I want to wait for transactions and pay gas fees?!


You are right, but it's getting better and I think I actually asked @cardboard why don't we create our own Uniswap, but I didn't get a reply yet.

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Because it's not possible :(


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HIVE does not have smart contracts :(

I didn't understand very well the technicalities behind this but being able to tread second layer tokens outside of the HIVE network for sure will open a new world for them.

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Exactly. Not many people knows about them right now.

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