Spinvest pool for wLEO is now better than ever!

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At first I hesitated and I had my doubts about the whole thing. I didn't like that some of the LEO tokens would have to be sold to cover the ETH side of the liquidity pool and to cover the GAS fees. There was also an admin fee of 25% from all the profits that Spinvest would keep.

In my opinion there was just too much risk and not much rewards to be made, but the whole thing has been changed a lot and it's better than ever.

The biggest change is that Spinvest is putting 5 ETH into the pool! Spinvest having ETH in the liquidity pool means he will have a skin in the game and bear the same kind of risk as we do. And it's not only that - there will be no need to exchange LEO to ETH and also the admin fee @spinvest will take is lowered by 5%!

This is really the most easiest way how to be part of the LEO's liquidity pool on the Ethereum blockchain and collect some of the rewards.

If this is gonna work then SPinvest tokens will also become more valuable because 50% of SPinvest' weekly earnings are paid to all SPI tokens holders in the form of a dividend paid in HIVE and the other 50% is reinvested into the fund to ensure long term token price growth.

Remember that the first round will close on 21st of September.
Make sure you have read the launch post before sending any funds.


I will not unstake my precious LEO just for the liquidity pool, but I have some LEO tokens just laying around doing nothing so I have already sent 550 LEO to the @spinvest-eth account.

Very exciting times ahead!

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