Let's check other HIVE proposals too!

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As you may know both of @netuoso's proposals are now out of the paying zone as they are below the return proposal. I have nothing against @netuoso, but the HIVE proposal system should not be abused and it shouldn't matter if you are here just a one day or many years.

It's not a personal money machine and those HBDs should be deserved and earned through the work on the HIVE blockchain and its ecosystem. If there is no work being done, you shouldn't be paid.

In my opinion it's kind of cool to see that after all the attention this gained people actually unvote his proposals. I expected this community to not care at all, but I was wrong!

Who knows, maybe @netuoso works really hard behind the scenes, but I think communication is really important in this case and his social presense is pretty bland right now. There should be weekly or monthly updates at least!

Now let's check other HIVE proposals that are getting a lot of HBDs per day and compare it with @netuoso's proposals.

For example @keychain is getting 200HBD daily for the Keychain development. I myself don't use this extension, but many people do. Every week the Keychain team creates a post about what they did and what they are working on right now. This is really great and you can really see if it's worth to fund this!


Now check @howo. His proposal is about core HIVE blockchain development, testing and documentation. Even though he's not making any posts about his work, you can actually see it all on the https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive/activity. In some cases you need to look for the activity, but it's all here.

Let's end with @good-karma. He is getting 115 HBD daily with his 2 active proposals. He's very active and is even working on @ecency. In this case I even think he's underfunded, but he knows the best how much he needs.

So as you can see there are proposals worth funding.
Check them out here and vote - https://wallet.hive.blog/proposals

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It's great people pay attention!

"Even though he's not making any posts about his work"

Not really:


I also talk about what I'm doing in every dev meeting:

But thanks for the shout out :)

Sorry @howo.
Somehow I missed it.

np :)

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