LEO started as a simple airdrop...

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...and look at it now.

The LEO team never ceased to amaze me. Their posts were always long with so many updates and upcoming releases I didn't even think it's possible. They already made a lot of great things such as LeoDex, LeoPedia and also a better version of the old SteemWorld -> Hivestats.

They are now trying to create a wrapped LEO and offer it on Uniswap. Being on Uniswap actually should give LEO a free CoinGecko listing - an amazing bonus! There's so much happening and even the community is getting bigger and bigger.

A few hours ago a new post was created by @steem.leo and you can read it here - https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@steem.leo/leofinance-from-the-ground-up-or-our-new-hive-interface-enters-open-beta.

With this new interface, we now have the flexibility to add anything imaginable. We can finally integrate the ideas that turn LeoFinance from a simple blogging interface on Hive into a full-blown media company that retains readers and onboards new authors.

Users obviously like what they see. LEO is not some small project anymore and it's being shown on the value of each LEO token. Some days ago you could almost sell 1 LEO for 1 HIVE! I wouldn't actually sell if I were you because LEO has a big upside potential. Maybe even bigger than HIVE right now?

LEO likes to experiment and they are not scared of ads and advertisers, they are actually endorsing them. I don't really understand what HIVE has against advertisers, but they don't want them here, which is a big problem in my opinion. How will HIVE fight the inflation and all the selling pressures created from the proposal system without any buying pressures? How will HIVE create value for its community?

LEO team thought about everything.

Ads are one of the primary sources of revenue for the LeoFinance community and LEO token economy. We use all the ad revenue that is earned to buyback LEO from the open market and burn it permanently from the token supply.

LeoFinance kind of reminds me of some communities on Reddit, which is a good thing. These communities also have their own tokens and they do offer banner placements for advertisers in a daily auction I think. The thing is that to buy a banner placement you have to buy these tokens on the market.

They are then burned forever.
It's a win-win situation for both parties!

Also keep in mind that the current circulating supply of LEO is only 4.7M! Do you really think a project like this couldn't actually end up competing with HIVE, other social sites and other Reddit's communities?

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How will HIVE fight the inflation...

The run up in LEO shows that inflation is a non-relevant topic. If you have a growth rate of 100% annually, who cares if your inflation rate is 25%.

Or do you believe that the burning of a few thousand tokens last month really made that much of a difference? That isnt even one day's worth of token distribution.

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