I need to look more into SPinvest!

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When price of each LEO token was slowly rising up some very smart people were silently buying all the LEO Mega Miners.

Now the supply of LEO Mega Miners on Hive-Engine is very thin and they are very hard to get for a good price. Most of them are now staked and are mining a lot of LEO tokens. The small version - the LEO Miners - are still available on Hive-Engine, but they are just not as good as the LEO Mega Miners.

Maybe a similar thing can happen with Spinvest tokens, but let me explain why. Spinvest is going to open a shared Spinvest pool for the wLEO/ETH liquidity pool on Ethereum.

This Spinvest pool is giving a chance to even smaller LEO users to transfer their tokens to this shared pool and be rewarded for it. If I am not mistaken, LeoFinance is going to provide over 300000 LEO tokens as rewards to people providing to the wLEO/ETH pool.

It's really better to not miss this out and Spinvest is really the easiest way how to be part of this. Check out the original announcement post for more information - https://leofinance.io/hive-167922/@spinvest-leo/opening-up-a-wleo-option-for-smaller-investors.

As 50% of SPinvest rewards are going back to SPinvest holders and the other 50% are making SPinvest stronger in the long run, it means people providing liquidity and at the same time holding SPinvest tokens will win both times in this situation.

These tokens are also really cheap too - the whole Spinvest project has a marketcap of only 40000$. There were times when the whole LeoFinance project's marketcap was also very tiny and look at it now!


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SPInvest is a project that is really making some headway. The value of the SPI token has consistently risen over the past 16 months.

It has its hands in a lot of different things.

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It has its hands in a lot of different things.

That's what I like the most.

This is a win-win for Leo and spinvest for sure!

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